Los Angeles City Council Passes Covid Vaccine Mandate For Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Shopping Malls, Theaters

Los Angeles City Council approved Wednesday a Covid vaccination mandate for indoor restaurants, bars and shopping centers, as well as theaters.

Los Angeles residents will need to present proof of Covid vaccine in order to be allowed into most indoor venues beginning November 6.

The new broad ordinance did not include pharmacies and grocery stores.

Enforcement will start November 29, with businesses violating the mandate being fined upto $5,000.

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For each violation of the law, businesses will receive a $1,000 penalty and $2,000 for every subsequent violation. A fourth violation results in a $500 fine., CBS Los Angeles reported.

CBS Los Angeles reported:

Los Angeles City Council approved Wednesday a broad ordinance that requires proof of COVID-19 vaccine to be allowed into restaurants, bars and shopping centers.

This ordinance applies to:

  • Restaurants, bars and fast food restaurants.
  • Fitness venues and gyms that offer group classes, such as boxing, pilates, barre, yoga and dance studios.
  • Entertainment venues include movie theatres and shopping malls as well as concert and performance venues.
  • Personal care places, which include spas.
  • People will be exempt from the mandate if they have medical conditions that restrict their ability to get vaccinated or a “sincerely held religious belief,” which will be reviewed by the location the person is trying to enter. Exempt people would have the right to access outdoor spaces, although they will need to provide proof that their vaccinations are valid.