The Different Types of Lawyers

The Different Types of Lawyers

The legal field consists of judges, paralegals and lawyers. Whenever you think of this sector, a lawyer is the first type or professional that comes to mind. Connolly Suthers Townsville tell us that today, there are many different types of lawyers who specialize in a certain aspect of the law. With a diverse group of different lawyers, both individuals and businesses are able to get the assistance they need whenever they are involved in a legal dispute. According to Diego Ruiz Duran, there are some types of lawyers that are more common than others. These include criminal, personal injury, estate, tax and corporate attorneys.

Criminal Lawyers

One of the most common types of lawyers is criminal lawyer. These lawyers are one of the first types of lawyers that come to mind whenever you think of members of this occupation. A criminal lawyer specializes in assisting individuals with legal disputes that pertain to criminal law. They help people cope with criminal charges and represent them in cases. With the help of a criminal lawyer, an individual can find a way to either eliminate criminal charges, get a not guilty verdict or plea bargain to minimize the significance of a criminal conviction.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers are also one of the most common types of attorneys according to Diego Ruiz Duran. A personal injury attorney specializes in filing or countering lawsuits that pertain to injuries. With a personal injury attorney, a person can file a lawsuit against a business or individual who they believe was responsible for an injury. On the other side, these lawyers also represent clients who have been sued and work to either come to a settlement or get the case dropped.


A corporate attorney is a lawyer who works for a major company. They are responsible for writing contracts, making sure that they are compliant and also representing a company during litigation. Corporate attorneys are also involved in mergers and acquisitions. They are involved in coming up with a contract, issuing stock and determining the legal owners and shareholders of a new corporation.

Tax Attorney

Another one of the most common types of lawyers is a tax attorney. This type of lawyer specializes in handling legal matters and disputes pertaining to tax law. They help clients who are dealing with collection efforts by the tax authorities as well as criminal charges. These lawyers help people and businesses stay compliant with the tax laws and refer them to criminal lawyers in case they are being charged with tax fraud and tax evasion. Tax attorneys provide clients with advice on how to minimize their tax liability as well as come up with settlements to work towards eliminating tax debt.

Intellectual Property

An intellectual property lawyer is a professional who specializes in protecting the work created by individuals and businesses. They often establish patents, copyrights and trademarks for their clients. These lawyers often work with media companies, movie studios, music studios, authors and musicians. They also work with companies and businesses who develop new products and who are looking to get their inventions protected from being copied by other individuals or businesses.