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Why You Need Bright Pattern and Luminwise for Your Business

If you own or manage a customer-service-driven business, then you are likely already familiar with companies like Bright Pattern and Luminwise. If you are not familiar with them or have not heard of them, this is an important read because they are crucial resources for medium to large businesses. Each of these companies offers a unique set of services that do not compete with each other, but they are each invaluable to their client’s growth and success. Here’s why you need both for your business.

1. They solve problems.


Both Bright Pattern and Luminwise are in the business of solving problems. They have taken a hard look at the needs of call centers and the companies that run them and designed software that addresses every aspect of the business. Bright Pattern offers call center software that increases efficiency, reduces conflict and resolution time, and offers innovative solutions to call center problems.

Their software is designed to help with both inbound calls and outbound calls. The software provides your sales team with resolution suggestions and resources in real-time to provide a higher level of customer service. As part of their call center software, you can set up live chat, interactive voice responses, voicemail, phone call workflow, call metrics and analytics, a predictive dialer, and virtual assistance.

Luminwise provides a wide range of business software solutions, from web hosting to social media and email marketing. They provide a customer experience for each client by tailoring their software solutions to the needs of each client. They also provide their clients with resources and information for educational purposes. Their support team is designed to help businesses identify the problems they are experiencing and then propose solutions to those problems. They will increase your customer interaction and strengthen your salesforce through the proper implementation of their software.

2. They are well-rounded.


Both companies have looked at all of the needs of their clients and sought to provide an array of solutions. For example, Bright Pattern didn’t stop at call routing or voicemail. They continue to develop their software to offer call centers the latest innovations. They use their analytics and customer insights to improve their products and increase conversions.

While their software may not be ideal for small businesses, they can work with small businesses to identify paths to growth. Their software solutions allow their customers to expand without needing new software because the solutions can grow with them. So if a business is starting small with big goals, it can use Bright Pattern and Luminwise to grow into the enterprise-level business they aspire to become. Both companies will work with their clients to help them scale their business and increase agent productivity. They understand the best practices for call centers and customer service.

3. They are trusted.


These companies are both well-established businesses with years of experience. They each seek to be the best in their fields and outshine their competition through a better quality product and customer experience. They focus on reliability, premise solution, and advanced features that their clients will benefit from. Their customer support is superior to ensure that any problems their customers run into are resolved quickly. One of their key features if the ability to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively.

Starting and growing a business regardless of your business size can be a stressful endeavor, and you may not know your best options when every business-to-business company out there is telling you they are your best choice. You know you need the business tools that will make your call center, customer experience, agent experience, and customer history exceptional in order to thrive. It can be difficult to separate the truth and the sales scripts. The best approach is to choose companies with a history of doing what’s best for their clients.

Good call center software will have years of experience offering a seamless customer experience. You need the right tools and the right people giving the right information in order to have the best call center. Choosing companies you can trust even if they are a little more expensive than their competition will give you the peace of mind that you are doing what’s best for your business.