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Texas Olive Oil: Finding Success at Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Texas olive oil orchard

With the countless benefits it brings to the table, Texas olive oil is nothing short of a blessing. Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has come up as one of the top producers of the stuff in the great state. After discovering this company, we soon uncovered a rich and interesting history behind the brand. So, let’s dive in!

 The History of Texas Olive Oil

Found in the Mediterranean, olive oil came to the USA many thousands of years ago. In the USA, there’s are 30,000 acres of cumulative dedicated farming land. Among these 30,000 acres, Texas carries out the 10 percent holding of the acres. The production of olives is relatively new to Texas, however, as the farmers got the hang of it, they are unstoppable. The process of turning olives into the classic Texas Olive Oil is also becoming popular. Therefore, with many companies coming forward, it is difficult to differentiate your product from others. However, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has done that job pretty perfectly. In their realm, it’s all about authenticity. The brand has done a fantastic job at maintaining a relationship with its customers, moreover, it is also ahead of the game by creating a chic online presence. This further increases the ease with which people can enjoy their product.

Now, let’s rewind a little and take a look at where it all started.

Texas olive oil

 The Backstory Behind the Finest in Town

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is a family business. The founder of the company is John Gambini, 3rd generation Italian-American. After working as a contractor for about 40 years, John Gambini took the big step of setting up his own business. Many thanksgiving dinners ago, John presented the idea of paying homage to his heritage. With the wine business widely spread, he wanted to do something different. Hence the introduction of Texas olive oil. The plantation of olives took place on a land of 17 acres in 2008 and from there, it was a wild ride. The family business is now run by John Gambini and his daughter, Cara Gambini, who are both doing a fine job of delivering the highest quality. Since its beginnings, Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s primary goal has been to produce premium quality products.

 Cara Gambini – The Brain Behind the Brand

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. came a long way since its setup. Along with John Gambini and other family members, Cara Gambini has worked tirelessly to deliver the best Texas olive oil in town. Cara Gambini graduated from the University of St. Edwards in the year 2002. She got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. However, her pursuit of knowledge did not stop here. 

Cara Gambini has many skills up her sleeves. From Marketing, Entrepreneurship to Public Relations, she does it all. She worked as a lifecycle manager for the Fiber Optics Program for over six years. After that, she joined her family business in 2013.

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Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is not the only venture under Cara Gambini. She is also the co-owner of McGowan Real Estate Ventures. Cara Gambini takes care of the marketing front. Therefore, the online presence of Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is mainly developing thanks to Cara. All the promotion, engagement, and brand distinctions are made under Cara’s wings.

Road to Success

As one of the only certified organic olive orchards in Texas, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has done an excellent job in securing its name. Starting with supply, the Texas olive oil company has also set up a gift shop and offers bistro services. The company carries specialty Balsamic Vinegars, Texas Wines, and Local Gourmet/Specialty Gifts. Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has received many awards for its impeccable service, including a total of 5 NYIOOC awards, one of the most respected olive oil awards in the US.

Process Behind the Production

Producing olive oil is no easy feat. The process is time-consuming and expensive, but the final product makes it all worthwhile. 

Texas and California nurseries are used to obtain the olive varieties and with the help of modern-day machinery, the oil is extracted. After the Texas olive oil is extracted, it is time to process it. Olive oil is graded according to the relative plumpness and state of ripeness. From there, the milling of the olives takes place. Olive crushers aid in this process. Next in line comes Maxalation. In this step, the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. mashes the olives into a simple paste with the help of mortar and pestle.

Next, the Texas olive oil goes through cold processing. This step involves the extraction of oil without heating the paste. It is then separated from the vegetable water with the use of a centrifuge. The last step requires the packaging of the oil, which proudly displays Texas Hill Country Olive Co. labels.

What sets this Texas Olive Oil company apart?

Texas Hill Country Olive Co. is a high-standard producer. The company offers a wide range of services besides the provision of Texas olive oil, including orchard tours and event space. The bistro located near the orchards is an excellent opportunity to relax and offers a mouthwatering and diverse menu. From Flatbread to Frittata, the bistro offers it all, with delicious wine for pairing. A fulfilling lunch and a glass of wine are all you need. From birthdays, bridal showers,, the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. venue is the perfect setting for any event.

 Some of the Many Famous Products from Texas Hill Country Olive Co.:

  • Sola Stella Extra Virgin: This is 100% Arbequina, yielding a uniquely smooth and buttery extra virgin olive oil.
  • Texas Miller’s Blend Extra Virgin: This is a varietal blend of Arbequina & Mission olives, which together yield this big robust & grassy extra virgin olive oil.
  • Terre Verde Extra Virgin: This is a varietal blend of Arbequina, Mission and Pendolino olives, which together yield this uniquely fruity and complex extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: Incredibly versatile with a full, rich taste and subtle spiciness.
  • Garlic Infused Olive Oil: Made by infusing fresh garlic cloves with freshly picked olives, creating supremely fresh and rich garlic flavored olive oil.
Texas Hill Country Olive Company

Where is Texas Hill Country Olive Co. located?

The Texas olive oil company is located within the quaint and breathtaking site of Dripping Springs, Texas. 

2530 W Fitzhugh Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

How to Get in Touch? 

Visit the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. website to book a tour among the hills or to order the tasty olive oil for your next salad dressing.