The city of Seattle is suing Capitol Hill skate shop 35th North for its construction of a DIY skatepark on Duck Island in Green Lake that destroyed wildlife habitat.

The skate bowl was created by 35th North as part of a Nike SB Project 58 Do It Yourself  contest, which asked the skate shop and 13 others across the county to document construction of a do-it-yourself skatepark being created.

35th North was named one of the Nike SB Project 58 Do It Yourself contest winners in June, which would have provided a $1,000 cash prize to build another spot or add to the existing one. The winning designation was later rescinded.

Defendants reportedly cut down one or more trees and destroyed vegetation while constructing the illegal skate bowl, which the city found out about over the summer, according to the complaint filed by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office.

The city reports significant costs were incurred to remove the skatepark, and more will be spent to restore the island for wildlife. It is seeking damages to the land and recovering the value of the trees that were removed and island restoration. 

Duck Island is part of Green Lake, which is also a park managed by Seattle Parks and Recreation, which will handle restoration efforts. It is designated by the city as an environmentally critical area.

“As stewards of Seattle’s public parkland, we were saddened to see

the misuse and destruction of Duck Island,” said SPR superintendent Jesús Aguirre in a news release. “We are thankful to our partners in the City Attorney’s Office for seeking to hold those responsible accountable for damage created.”

SPR has spent roughly $30,000 in removal costs so far. The attorney’s office reports it is invoking the state’s timber trespass law to seek treble damages, or roughly triple the compensatory damages, which is somewhere in the low six figures.

Restoration will include weed removal, stormwater and erosion control, litter removal and planting of new vegetation and brush, according to the news release.

35th North Complaint by branax2000 on Scribd