Kyoto import Tentenyu is adding a Capitol Hill ramen spot after hitting the United States last year, serving up the Japanese comfort food in L.A.

The owner’s mother and sister started a food stall called Manraiken in a garage next to the Syugakukin Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan, back in 1976, according to Tentenyu’s website. Forced by the city to operate an actual restaurant, they assumed ownership of a building where ramen restaurant Tentenyu existed. Unable to afford changing the name, it stayed Tentenyu.

The draw to the L.A. spot is its signature Tori Paitan, a Kyoto-style ramen with a chicken-based broth and wide noodles.

Tentenyu is slated to open at 1510 Belmont Ave.

The Capitol Hill Times has reached out to the restaurant and will update this article when more information becomes available.