Honor Society Coffee founders Brandin Myett and Elizabeth Pachaud are looking for a new spot where they can just focus on roasting and wholesale, but another business venture will keep them occupied in the Melrose Market.

“This space is just not great for a coffee-only space,” Myett said.

The Honor Society Coffee café opened last year in the Melrose Market, leasing space from Sitka and Spruce and Bar Ferdinand during the day. Matt Dillon opened Upper Bar Ferdinand in Chophouse Row at the beginning of 2016, and later closed his space in the Melrose Market.

Myett and Pachaud are taking over the space and calling it Marseille, but it won’t be a French eatery, he said.

“It won’t be French at all. It’s just going to be an extension of what we already do, which is really light, healthy cuisine,” Myett said. “… Marseille is also, most importantly, going to be a wine and bottle shop.”

There is also a plan to do a Saturday marketplace collaboration with Rain Shadow Meats, he said.

They should be able to start renovation work at the beginning of 2018.

“We’re going to kind of lease it out and gut it out in January,” Myett said. “It should be a pretty quick turnaround.”

Myett and Pachaud will have a 15-year lease on the space, and are planning a lot of new offerings.

“We’ve been in food and wine for 20 years. We know the program,” Myett said. “The main price point is supposed to be you can pop by and grab a nice bottle for dinner somewhere.”

As for Honor Society Coffee, Myett said they are looking for a new space where they can focus on roasting and wholesale, and are open to suggestions.