Edgar Pelayo has plans to open a family-friendly Mexican restaurant and tequila bar on Broadway East next spring.

Anejo is replacing Dilettante Mocha Café & Chocolate Martini Bar, which closed in late January after 41 years on the Hill.

“I see a great opportunity there,” Pelayo said. “It’s great ambiance. You don’t really have to sell Capitol Hill.”

Pelayo’s parents emigrated from Mexico in 1975, and in the ‘80s they started Viva Mexico, which is still operating today, he said. His Viva Mexican restaurant in DuPont pays homage to his roots.

“I’m from Shoreline, I grew up in Shoreline, so I’ve been in the Seattle area most of my life,” Pelayo said. “Long story short, I was actually looking to expand in Tacoma.”

But he jumped on the opportunity for a space in Capitol Hill that was fully built out to be a restaurant, though he said there will still need to be redesign work and kitchen renovations.

Viva Mexican restaurant also has Tex-Mex options, but Pelayo said Anejo will focus on authentic Mexican flavors inspired by what he grew up eating.

“It will be higher quality ingredients as well,” he said, “that’s where our main focus is at.”

That, and tequila. Pelayo said there are plenty of places to go to get a margarita.

“We are a tequila bar, and there is a lot that you can do with tequila,” he said. “We will attempt to do a more different take on the bar program than your typical restaurants.”

Anejo will be open for lunch, dinner and late-night dining at 538 Broadway E.