4 Ideas for Apartment Management to Maintain Code Compliance

4 Ideas for Apartment Management to Maintain Code Compliance

Whether you’ve owned your apartment complex for a time or just completed the purchase, maintenance is always a concern. If upgrades were done by people who were not licensed or bonded, there may be concerns regarding code restrictions, and these should be fixed immediately. Consider the ideas below to keep your apartment complex in code compliance.

1. Use a Skilled Broker

When complaints come in, make sure your broker is aware of the best professional to contact. One small plumbing problem, addressed by a non-licensed handyman, can lead to serious problems in the future.

A skilled broker will be able to send the right professional into an apartment that is dealing with a clog, an electrical issue, or any other maintenance concern. Only a skilled professional can tell you if a repair is simple or is going to be more complex. A skilled plumber or electrician will also have the insurance necessary to cover their error should one occur.

2. Restrict and Monitor DIY Tenants

If a tenant has decided to use their own handyman skills to update their apartment, make sure the space is inspected before and after their repair. One poorly skilled tenant can do a great deal of damage to your building, particularly if they’re planning on tearing into walls or addressing anything structural.

Generally, a tenant will not dig into their own projects. However, an overeager tenant may do damage if not monitored. Additionally, a tenant who is frustrated by the lack of action after a complaint may also make a poor choice. Make sure you have a published plan of action to respond to maintenance complaints or requests and make sure your building manager is acting on them.

3. Require Training

If you have a building manager with some handyman skills, make sure they are keeping up with their compliance requirements and training. If they have licenses, make sure they are kept up as required.

Should you decide to make a major upgrade to any of your facilities, be certain that your maintenance team has been brought into the loop. Adding a pool or an on-site generator can bump up the visibility of your complex, but your maintenance team has to be well-trained to keep these upgrades in top shape.

4- Use Technology to Track Upgrades

It’s possible to upgrade your complex unit by unit as they come open. As these upgrades progress, you’ll likely need to get new inspections done to keep your insurance and financing within regulations.

The right technology can make this entire process easier. You can track your chosen contractors, note financial information such as lien releases, and even keep an eye on factors such as insurance and inspection dates. Falling out of code can be dangerous to your bottom line. Making sure these tracking tools are used consistently is key.

Owning investment property is a terrific way to build wealth, but it will take work. Keeping your buildings within code compliance will keep tenants happy and in place while you plan for your financial future.