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6 Tips for Decorating a Business Front for the Holiday Season

6 Tips for Decorating a Business Front for the Holiday Season

Decorating your business for the holiday season is a wonderful way to brighten the time for clients and employees alike. Make sure that your employees are given both time and budget to create something striking.

1) Lights

Wrapping lights around a doorway, a railing or a window can quickly brighten your business front. Solar lights on a timer can give you a low maintenance option to light your whole business overnight. Battery-powered lights can be handy addition to higher windows if you prefer to light them from the outside. If your business isn’t occupied overnight, make sure that you invest in top quality extension cords and consider putting all your lights on a surge strip so you can turn them off easily during daylight.

2) Bunting

Fabric bunting can add an elegant touch to the front of your building. Take care to put this fabric in sunlight if at all possible, and consider adding solar spotlights to brighten it as the day darkens. Rich greens and bold reds are beautiful in bright light, but these colors will lose their punch in deep shadow.

3) Packages

You can create a charming vintage look by creating wooden “packages” and painting them in colors of red, green, royal blue and white. You can also add silver cord or wide gold ribbon to your packages to draw the eye. If you have a covered area or have space to put up a tree inside, consider setting up a donation point for those in your community who need help.

4) Trees

There are many plants, both fake and real, that can be decorated for the holidays. If you have a tall ficus plant, you can drape it in gold or white lights on a green strand for a festive look without having to make a spot for holiday tree. If your area has potted hanging plants, you can load them with decorative pics of ornaments and ribbons.

5) Santa

Santa figurines may or may not be appropriate for your particular business. However, inflatable figurines can be a nice way to brighten up your business front over the weekend. Sleighs and reindeer may also be a good addition. As you set up such figures, make sure that your power source is consistent and secure.

6) Sleigh

If you’ve got the room and plan to collect donations, a small sleigh can be quite useful, preferably with wheels. You can add a list of wishes for your chosen charity and provide donors with a cash container and a spot to drop off gifts. If you have a staff member who will be in charge of picking up gifts or wrapping new items, do your best to provide them with the time necessary to take on this extra task.

Your business can be a bright spot this holiday season. Gathering gifts or foodstuffs for those in struggle can be a wonderful way to give back to your community. Moreover, consider involving your employees in these charitable efforts, fostering a sense of teamwork and community engagement, and making a meaningful impact together.