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5 Benefits of Having Customers Schedule Appointments Online

5 Benefits of Having Customers Schedule Appointments Online

Hospitals, auto shops, restaurants, salons, and home services are industries that operate on customer appointments. They can improve their services by allowing customers to book appointments online. Five reasons should convince you to incorporate online booking into your business strategy. 

1- Book After Hours

The 9-to-5 workday is a narrow window for appointment scheduling in person and over the phone when some customers are at work. The only times customers can schedule are during lunch breaks and after hours. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee it will be successful because customers risk being on hold. 

Online scheduling is always successful because customers can book appointments at any time. That can be before it opens, during work hours, after hours, or overnight. The 24/7 access allows customers breathing room to browse and compare openings with their schedule to see what works. The flexibility allows customers to grab a computer, tablet, or smartphone app to book appointments.

2- Reduces No Shows and Cancellations

Because customers can select their schedule freely without pressure or hesitation, they are more likely to stick with it. That reduces cancellations. Besides, a friendly reminder of their appointment before the date gives them wiggle room to confirm it. However, they can also cancel or reschedule with ease.

Cancellations end up as last-minute slots that people with emergencies can use to their benefit. That reduces gaps in the schedule and increases revenue. Rescheduling gives customers the freedom to opt out of one and into another. That reduces no-shows.

3- Fill Up Last-Minute Slots

Last-minute openings are a financial nightmare for companies but a treasure trove for the right customer. Emergencies occur at a moment’s notice, and the last thing you think about is scheduling an appointment. Customers want their problems resolved now, and searching online for last-minute slots is the first thing many will do. If there is an opening available, customers will grab it. 

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4- A Time Saver

Online appointment scheduling frees up the entire company to do other things. Customers crave establishments that are friendly, professional, attentive, and responsive. A pleasant experience means repeat customers and a superior retention rate. 

Usually, you would hire a receptionist or appointment scheduler to handle calls and in-person requests. Now, that person will monitor the influx of customers scheduling their appointments online. That frees that person to do other tasks to contribute to an excellent customer experience.

5- Reduces Paper Waste

It’s easy to misplace and shred critical papers. A business using pen and paper to schedule appointments will cause disorganization and frustration. Establishments that want to reduce the amount of paper in file cabinets and folders will enjoy online appointment scheduling. Printing a hard copy for safekeeping is optional, but you can retrieve it online if you lose it. Companies with an eco-friendly mission will also appreciate a paperless office due to online scheduling.

A company with many moving parts can easily overwhelm employees trying to keep everything together. It will ease the load if one of those parts enters the digital age. By allowing customers to book appointments online, you can use the time saved toward strengthening other parts of the business. Online appointment booking is also convenient for customers and profitable for you.