4 Surprising Tips For Planning a Wedding in a Short Timeframe

4 Surprising Tips For Planning a Wedding in a Short Timeframe

Planning and pulling off an amazing wedding has many ins and outs. It may seem impossible to do it in a short timeframe. However, these four tips work surprisingly well for planning a wedding in a limited time;

1. Use an Event Planner

Delegating is the key to making things turn out well, especially for big events such as weddings. You want a team that is well-versed in handling large crowds and can provide advice and equipment quickly and accurately.

For instance, when you have an event planner, you are assured that the entertainment bit for your wedding is well taken care of. The event planner team brings high-quality sound equipment, lighting, and entertainers.

2. Focus on the Guest List

Knowing how many guests will be attending your wedding is important because it determines other factors of the day. The guests you plan to have will affect the budget, food, and venue. Locking down your guest list will allow you to book the venue in advance, make a suitable food and drinks menu and make the seating arrangements per your wedding theme.

Since you will be dealing with guests from both sides of the family, you should ensure that you have a set date when all the parties involved send in their final guest lists.

3. Think About the Wedding Attire and Rings

In most cases, when the bride has the luxury of time, they take up to six months shopping around for their wedding gown. This may not be possible when you are in a time crunch, but that does not mean you should settle for less. There are plenty of off-the-rack gowns that will be a perfect fit for you. One tip you should remember is to have the gown adjusted by a trusted professional to ensure it fits you perfectly.

It is relatively easier to find a suit, but also be sure to have it tailored to your liking. The other important aspect of your big day is ring shopping. No one wants a loose-fitting or finger-pinching ring; you want a beautiful, comfortable fit. The best action for your rings and wedding bands is to go to a local jeweler, pick out a ring, and then have them sized. Alternatively, you can get the rings from an online store and have them perfected at your local jewelry store.

4. Study the Wedding Laws and Find an Officiant

It would be utterly disheartening for you to get hitched, only to find out that your wedding doesn’t hold up legally. Whether you are having a civil marriage with a party afterward or getting married by an officiant, you need to know the basic laws that suffice in the State you are getting married.

The other bit is to ensure that you are conversant with the wedding rituals and scripts before the big day. You want to set a time to meet with your officiant, discuss and adjust the script so that everyone knows what is expected of them. You do not want to be mumbling or even forgetting your wedding vows.

Yes, planning a wedding in a short timeframe is possible. All you need is the right information and help. These tips will make it easier for you to pull off your dream wedding in a short time, even in a month.