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4 Packing Strategies Perfect for Those Moving in a Time Crunch

4 Packing Strategies Perfect for Those Moving in a Time Crunch

Moving in a time crunch, whether it is for college, a job, or just to change residences can be quite stressful. However, with these four strategies, you will avoid missing any of your belongings and have an easier time packing.

1) Pack Room by Room

If you have a bedroom, living room, or bathroom that you plan on leaving empty then start with the items in that room. Sure it might take a bit longer, but when it makes your life easier, it is worth it. It will also help keep you from missing items if you do not pack them right away.

If you are moving to a place with four seasons, then pack clothes appropriate for each season in their box. If you are only moving to another state or even another city in your state then sort each piece of clothing by colors and then by season.

2) Wrap Items in Packing Paper Before Putting Them Into a Box

Packing paper comes in handy with all of your packing needs. From small to large items, wrapping them individually will keep all of your items from getting damaged in the move. It is also a great way to make sure that they stay organized and are not missing during the move.

If you are having furniture or anything else that could be easily dented or scratched then also pack it with crumpled newspaper on the inside. This will help protect against moving damage and keep your items safe during their travels.

3) Label Each Box

Using some packing tape and permanent marker, put at least two or three labels on each box. You can label them by room, season or any other way that you feel is appropriate. Be sure to keep a list of what box contains what item in case you need to find something specific later on. If you are packing soft or hard items, such as pillows, blankets, sheets, and clothing put the packing paper right on top of the item and then wrap it in the paper. This will help keep your item from getting crushed during its travels. This also helps keep you from having to go through every box to remove stickers later on and find front tags on all of your belongings.

4) Use Space Savers

Ziploc bags can be used for almost any item you want to pack. They are easy to open and close and take up little space. If you have tall items or are packing things like bedding then you will also need a box like the ones from crumpled newspapers. They also work well for keeping small objects, such as picture frames and plates, separate from other items in the same box.

In conclusion, being organized and prepared when moving can be difficult to do with a short preparation time. Start by trying out these four strategies so that you will not forget any of your belongings and have everything organized at the same time. Making your move smooth.