Mint Global Marketing: How To Create Engaging (And Unique) Video Content

Mint Global Marketing unique video content

Video Marketing is currently one of the top marketing strategies globally. Many brands and marketers are delving into it, from Live streams to Explainer videos, Interviews, Testimonials, Product videos, Tutorials, Vlogs, etc. However, many need to learn how to go about it; they neither know the secret of making video content that works.

Mint Global Marketing has compiled all you need to know to create unique and engaging video content. The Mint Global Marketing team works to boost brand recognition, lead generation, and customer acquisition for businesses. Their effective job well done speaks to their efficiency, expertise, and capacity.

Attract Your Prospect’sProspect’s Curiosity

An effective strategy for a marketing sales funnel is to spark your prospect’s interest in your products or services by letting them know or creating a problem, then prescribing your products or services as a solution to it. This same technique applies to video content creation.

Let your audience know that they lack specific knowledge and that you’re about to provide answers. This makes them fixated on your video.

Hold Your Audience’sAudience’s Attention

Users who watch the first few seconds of your video are likely to protect it for a few seconds longer. What does this mean? It would help if you found a way to hold their attention in those first few seconds.

You can also hold their attention by adding snippets of the most exciting parts of the video at the beginning. This will make them strap their seatbelts on and follow you on the ride you’re willing to take them on. You must understand your audience to know what engages them.

You can observe metrics such as the number of new subscribers, views, likes, dislikes, comments, and bounce rate. You can take a more direct approach by conducting surveys, setting up polls, or even engaging them in the comments section.

This will make your audience feel valued and engage better with your content.

Make Sure Your Video Is Fun To Watch

Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans and want of time, so your video must be engaging enough for them to enjoy. You have to ensure that you use aesthetic visuals to tell your story and get the message across to them within a short time.

You can also engage illustrations, voiceovers, text, subtitles, narration, etc., to create engaging and unique video content.

Engage The Art Of Storytelling

Everybody loves a good story. One of the video marketing techniques that has proven to work over the years is storytelling. Your advertisement must tell a story.

For instance, if it is a particular season, your story can reflect the reason for the season. Stories engage your audience’s attention and ensure that they get your message.

Appeal To Your Audience’sAudience’s Interests, Emotions, Ethics, And Logic

There are three modes of persuasion; request by ethics, appeal by logic, and appeal by emotion. You must learn to appeal to these three areas of your audiences’ reasoning. This goes a long way to build trust and loyalty between you and your audience.