What Will the GOP Do if It Wins?

This week Roundtable ReasonMatt Welch (in place of Katherine Manguward), Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman and Fiona Harrigan discuss heated rhetoric regarding the next midterm election, speculate about what a GOP-controlled House could entail and answer questions from listeners on how libertarians can keep being called “jihadists.”

0:48: Discussion over the midterms

19:54: GOP’s Anti-Immigration Ads

32:15 Weekly Listener Question

Robert Halfon of the British Conservative Party said the following: “The government treated the country like laboratory mice and looked like libertarian Jihadists. Sky News. What can be done to stop libertarians being called such? Do Americans really have the guts to pursue such policies, if they believe that a freer economy policy would require short-term suffering, just as U.K markets suggests.

48:21: How have you been eating?

In this podcast:

Jonathan Chait: “Republican House Majority Wants to Melt Down Global Economy”

Jonathan Chait, “Republicans plan debt crisis to force cuts to Medicare and Social Security,”

Catie Edwardson: “McCarthy Sugests that a G.O.P. Led House Would Question Aid To Ukraine,”

Jill Lawless: “Rishi sunak will become Britain’s next prime Minister.”

“‘If we focus on deficits, tax increases will be on the agenda.” Peter Suderman

“Why do people pick on Bush’s tax cuts rather than Bush’s spending increases?” Nick Gillespie

Veronique de Rugy and Nick Gillespie, “The 19 Percent Solution”

“Is Libertarianism a ‘Stealth Plan’ To Destroy America?” Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie: “Grover Noquist: He’s Going to Shine Later”)”

Nick Gillespie: “The Grover Noquists of Spending Cuts Jonathan Bydlak, and the Coalition to Reduce Spending.”

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