Supreme Court Turns Away Trump Effort to Keep Government from Reviewing Documents Seized from Mar-a-Lago

Today, the Supreme Court rejected Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn a district court order which had prevented the Department of Justice examining classified documents that were seized at Mar-a-Lago federal agents. The former President is not surprised by this legal defeat.

A federal court issued an order preventing the Justice Department’s review of the documents seized. This order was halted by the Eleventh Circuit’s unanimous panel. The Justice Department could continue their review. In my previous post I stated that the Eleventh Circuit opinion was an inveighing rebuke against Judge Cannon’s decision to issue the dispute order.

Trump’s lawyers filed a request to lift the Eleventh Circuit stay at the Supreme Court on October 4. Justice Thomas was the Eleventh Circuit circuit justice and submitted the application to Trump’s attorneys. He requested that the Justice Department respond by October 11. It was an indication that Trump’s application was not being considered urgently by the Court.

Trump’s petition was denied today by the Supreme Court without comments or notorious dissent. Justice Thomas presented a request to remove the stay that had been entered on September 21st 2022 by the United States Court of Appeals. He referred it to the Court. No noted dissent was made.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the Supreme Court took action, since Trump’s filing was not legal. Some people at the extremes of politics thought this motion could be successful.