Jurgen Cautreels Predicts Internet Marketing Trend Predictions For 2022 And Beyond

jurgen cautreels

2022 is one of the most significant years for digital marketing. The internet is seeing many new businesses, and old established ones are upscaling.

The competition is getting more significant daily, says veteran marketer and investor Jurgen Cautreels. To stay relevant, companies must know about important trends. Some of these trends are:

Short videos

TikTok has changed social media by making short videos more popular than photo grids and status posts. Instagram quickly followed suit with the debut of Reels, and YouTube embraced “shorts” shortly after that.

Short videos draw attention to how quickly we consume content and the need for explicit, concise messaging or exciting content that invites participation, such as learning a new dance, taking on a challenge, or answering surveys and polls.

The beauty of these brief videos is that anyone can make one with their phone, no matter how sloppy. In addition, these shorter videos’ raw authenticity, DIY spirit, and unpolished presentation appeal most to today’s youthful customers.

Paying attention to your audience

To suggest that those who use social media are exhausted by the constant barrage of promotional content, political messages, and news stories would be an understatement.

Create relationships with your current clientele and devote your efforts to expanding your database. You’ll discover that your messages are received by the people most likely to be interested in them.

So, consider how many other sales-y posts your audience sees on social media and work on how yours can stand out.

Build transparency, privacy, and trust

The oversaturation of digital advertising has led to growing skepticism among customers regarding the authenticity of the content they are specifically targeted with.

As a result, digital marketers will have to adjust to new privacy regulations that will affect how they can monitor their customers’ activities.

Google has confirmed it will stop allowing third-party cookies in 2023. As a result, many in the marketing and advertising industries will need to rethink their approaches.

Nevertheless, data-driven content and advertising will continue to thrive in the future. A bright side to the current disruption of digital marketing monopolies is that it heralds a new era of transparency and trust between businesses and their customers.


In this highly competitive market, reaching your target audience with your advertisements requires careful planning and execution.

Rather than providing generic material in the hopes that some of it would resonate with someone, creating ads tailored to your target demographic is more effective.

However, more is needed to have good material.

Learning where and how your target demographic accesses your content on various channels will help you tailor your messages to them.

Spending less on advertisements and gaining more devoted customers is possible if you target the right people with the right message in the right way.

Content segmentation

You can group customers based on shared characteristics or demographics using a ” segmentation ” technique.

In addition, it is usual practice to have several categories for the various communications you send out, such as news and updates, e-newsletters, or offers and promotions.

However, companies should move beyond simple opt-in or -out marketing approaches and instead focus on more intricate systems.

This includes carefully labeling the types of emails a user will receive so they can choose not to accept them, says Jurgen Cautreels.