Is Italy Returning to Fascism?

Reason’sJonah Goldberg spoke to Zach Weissmueller & Nick Gillespie The Dispatch The recent Italian election saw the rise of the Brothers of Italy to power. This likely pave the way for Giorgia Maloni, the first woman prime minister of Italy. 

It has been a swift and powerful response. Commentators have interpreted this as an Italian return to fascism. Some cite past political images and associations as proof that neofascists control. However, conservative Americans have claimed that some of the language is exaggerated. They claim the Left is using the term fascist in order to disparage a political party they dislike. 

Goldberg published an excellent book on this topic called “Goldberg’s Best-Seller”. Liberal Fascism In 2008, he became a prominent critic of Trump’s right-wing populism and its encroachment in Europe.

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