Migrants Are People, Not Props

The following week’s It Reason RoundtableEditors Katherine Manguward, Matt Welch and Peter Suderman discuss Florida Governor’s fallout. Ron DeSantis’s stunt to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard was a political one. Joe Biden’s interview is on. 60 Minutes.

1:58: The Migrants on Martha’s Vineyard

26:09 Weekly Listener Question

Many institutions have seemed to lose their way in recent years, sometimes due to donor or audience captivity. The ACLU, on the left has lost its absolute freedom of speech and believes that some speech should be protected. NPR is now a sad and waking parody of itself. Katherine’s ex-employer is on the right. The Weekly StandardWhen Trump’s financial backers and editors went in different directions regarding him, the editor went bankrupt. There are reasonsThe magazine has been consistent over the last 50+ years, with the possible exception being Matt Welch’s piece praising France’s healthcare system in “Why I Prefer French Healthcare Care”. What is it that the magazine of Free Minds and Free Markets has done for so long with such consistency and success? More importantly, what are the steps being taken to secure its success and stay committed to libertarian ideas. P.S. P.S. There are reasonsSpace-themed Halloween party with “Sexy Nick Gillespie Astronaut” costume

35:18: Joe Biden interview 60 minutes

46.52: Here are this week’s cultural recommendations

In this podcast:

Fiona Harrigan: “Spending down $12,000,000 in Pandemic Relief money on an Immigrant Stunt Isn’t a ‘Responsible Financial Policy.”

Fiona Harrigan, “If Ron DeSantis Hates Communism He Shouldn’t Weaponize Victims Of Communism,”

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: “DeSantis, Abbott are wrong to treat Migrants like a punishment.”

Nick Gillespie, “How Closed Borders Facilitated the Holocaust,”

Alex Nowrasteh: “U.S. Labor Demand explains Most of the Rises in Illegal Migration.”

Nick Gillespie: “How immigrants can make America great again”

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