How to Promote Your Site

If you’re creating a business of any category, having a website will be a great advantage. A quality website will enhance the trust of your customers, increase sales, and allow you to sell your goods online. We will tell you how to make your site more popular and attract more customers.

SEO optimization

If a person needs a certain product or service, they immediately turn to a search for help. If your site is one of the first in the list of results, then they will definitely pay attention to it. SEO optimization is designed to achieve this result. This is a complex and costly process, so it is better to left it to professionals. For example, you can order SEO monitoring on to save a lot of your money and time.

Design and performance

One of the main problems of many sites is the low loading speed. If the page loads more than a couple of seconds, there is something wrong with it. A slow site is a negative signal for search crawlers, and the user is hardly agree to wait, they will just close the tab instead and go to a competitor. If you are interested in a proper promotion of your site, pay attention to the technical nuances. What are the causes of a low loading? It can be wrong layout, a plenty of «heavy» images, or server problems. 

Promoting a website requires work on design. Nice look and choosing right fonts will help the users better perceive the information presented. Want to experiment with the appearance of your resource? Be careful: users do not like too unusual innovations. The right option is to explore the pages of the most successful competitors and make something similar, but better.


To promote the site: 

  • pay attention to its structure; 
  • pay attention to navigation. 

If the user has to think and make an effort to get information from the page, it is a bad page. The visitor will quickly leave it. Search engines also analyze the convenience of the resource. 

First of all, the information should be organized. A tree structure with sections, subsections, categories, and directories, is a best option. The user should be able to move from one page to another quickly. Ensure the availability of contact information, information about prices, etc. There is «a rule of three clicks»: the visitor should find the necessary information by making no more than three clicks with a mouse.


Promoting the site requires the preparation of numerous links. One of the main functions of internal optimization is relinking, i.e. links to other pages of the same resource should be placed on the pages of the site. Promotion is made due to the internal potential of the site. Relinking solves multiple tasks at once. It distributes the «value» of the pages correctly and helps to promote the needed part of the resource. It also directs the user to the right place where they can make an order or get important information. The work is done manually and can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it: you will get rid of the impressive financial costs by placing links in the right places.