College Student Mocks CNN’s Brian Stelter Again After Calling Him Out For ‘Disinformation’

Christopher Phillips, a college freshman who garnered attention by calling out Brian Stelter and CNN for pushing “disinformation,” said he wasn’t expecting a mea culpaHowever DidThink the newshound might offer some degree of accountability.

He was mistaken.

Phillips spoke out during an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

The college student first relived the events of his encounter with Stelter last week in which Phillips, speaking at a Q&A forum titled “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy,” called CNN out for false narratives that “magically” benefit only one political party.

He cited several examples of such misinformation – including the Russia collusion hoax, the Nicholas Sandmann smear, and the Hunter Biden laptop coverup.

Stelter could only deflect with a joke about ‘lunch’ and a pivot to nonsensical tangents.

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College Student AGAIN Wrecks Brian Stelter

The college student recalled how he masterfully confronted Brian Stelter with the network’s own disinformation campaign even as they accuse others of the very thing they are doing.

“Brian Stelter talks for 30 minutes about how Fox News is this huge purveyor of disinformation. They’re the enemy of the people,” Phillips explained.

“And then I come up and I say, ‘Wait a second. That’s it. Because actually, CNN – from what I’ve seen, at least – is probably 10 times the purveyor of disinformation that you claim Fox News to be,’” he continued.

Phillips said that while he didn’t expect Stelter to “hand over the keys and say, ‘You know what we’re corrupt,” the response was even more confounding because there was zero acknowledgment of CNN’s wrongdoings in the past.

“There was no apology,” Phillips said. “There was no remorse whatsoever. It’s just, you know, ‘I don’t know what news network you’re talking about. That’s not mine.’ When in reality, he said these things on CNN. It’s all documented.”

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Won’t Admit the Truth

Brian Stelter was unmoved by the college student’s concerns about disinformation at CNN.

The host of a show called ‘Reliable Sources’ refused to call out a fellow ‘journalist’ at the forum who defended not covering the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

The Atlantic journalist Anne Applebaum was asked by college freshman and Chicago Thinker journalist Daniel Schmidt at the forum about the media’s culpability in failing to cover the Biden story and helping to spread the false claim that it was ‘Russian disinformation’ prior to the election.

The laptop has since been confirmed as real by various outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post – many, many months after the fact.

Applebaum, on the other hand, dismissed the scandal, claiming that it was just boring.

Applebaum Calls Hunter’s Laptop “Irrelevant”

“My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is, I think, totally irrelevant. I mean, it’s not whether it’s disinformation,” Applebaum responded. “I mean, I didn’t think Hunter Biden’s business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the United States.”

“So, I don’t find it to be interesting,” she added. “I mean, that would be my problem with that as a major news story.”

Naturally, the clown prince misinformation refused to inquire about his colleague clown’s absurd claim even though she was a guest on his program.

“Disinformation” Forum

Speaking of clowns, Representative Adam Kinzinger also spoke at the ‘disinformation’ forum.

Kinzinger posted a fabrication about Tucker Carlson, Russia, last week. It was debunked by Politifact (left-leaning). The tweet remains up on Kinzinger’s Twitter account to this day.

We’re not surprised that Kinzinger was duped, but to have the chutzpah to appear at a forum on disinformation after consistently being caught spreading fake quotes and photoshopped images is next-level.

Like Stelter, there won’t be any remorse from Kinzinger or Applebaum.

There won’t be any corrections or apologies for interfering in the election on behalf of Joe Biden and continuing to operate as a propaganda cabal for the President.

And they certainly won’t stop spreading disinformation any time in the near future. They’re as corrupt as they come.