Joe Biden Is The Biggest Loser Of Last Night’s Republican Victory

Although he may not have appeared on yesterday’s ballot, President Biden is still the biggest loser after a bloodbath in 2021 for his party.

It was difficult for networks to ignore comparisons between 2020-2021, as results began coming in.

Virginia’s Biden was victorious by 10 points. However, Republican Glenn Youngkin beat Terry McAuliffe fairly comfortably. Most networks declared his win before the evening ended.

Even more surprising is the fact that in New Jersey where Biden was victorious by 16 points Republican Jack Ciattarelli and incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy are locked in a dead heat. This race, which nobody expected, has been extremely close.

Two states which Biden dominated in 2020 have flipped direction – big time.

Additionally in Virginia, Republican momentum was even further apparent as they swept their way to statewide victories – Winsome Sears winning the race for Lieutenant Governor, becoming the first black woman in the office, and Jason Miyares winning his race for Attorney General, becoming the first Latino to hold the office.

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Biden Votes On the Ballot: Whether He Enjoys It Or Not

There is a lot of talk regarding parents being the deciding factor in the Virginia race, highlighted by McAuliffe’s absurd comment during the campaign suggesting parents shouldn’t have a role in telling schools what to teach their kids.

This was due to a rebellion against the teachings of wakeism at our schools.

This was it. However, the whole Biden agenda was also up for vote last night. The President was hit with a devastating crash and burn.

Exit polls show about one-third of Virginia voters called the economy the most important issue facing the state – not education.

Fox News’ poll of Virginia voters this morning revealed that most disapproved of Biden’s work in his ten short months as president. A large majority also think that the country has gone in the wrong directions.

But that doesn’t explain the shocking results in deep blue New Jersey, where the negative view of the President seems to have carried over there as well.

Voters are tired of the extreme Democrat agenda. They’re fed up with race-based education in their schools. They’re fed up with vaccine and mask mandates. They don’t like what they saw in Afghanistan. They don’t like what they’re seeing at the border. And they’re fed up with the floundering economy. 

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Tried To Make It About Trump – But It Was About Biden

In a clear sign that even Democrats recognize the only reason Biden won the 2020 election is that he is ‘not Trump,’ McAuliffe did everything he could to drag the former President into the race and make it Trump v. Biden all over again.

All of it was futile. 

Fresh on voters’ minds wasn’t the 2020 election, but Biden’s many recent miserable failures – the economy, the border crisis (don’t underestimate anger over stories involving payments to illegal immigrants), the Afghanistan debacle, inflation, supply chain problems, and on and on.

These failures aren’t being addressed by White House. Instead, they focus on faux ‘infrastructure’ bills, taxing job creators, and climate change.

Was the Biden agenda really on the line in the 2021 elections?

In an effort to promote the Democrat agenda, every major party leader campaigned in support of McAuliffe. Barack Obama, Kamala Hariri, and, of course, President Obama all pitched their ideas.

But he lost.

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa (CA) warns Biden supporters that this is “only the beginning.”

The results could shift support for the President’s multitrillion-dollar spending plan –  another significant blow to his already floundering agenda.

“If you’re a Democrat sitting on Capitol Hill and you’re from one of these swing districts in suburban areas, are you rethinking tonight your vote on this reconciliation package?” David Axelrod, an adviser to former President Obama, said.

“Are you thinking, maybe it’s best, we shouldn’t do it.”

If the spending bill is defeated, President Biden would have no significant wins in his first year of office and many significant losses.

Biden’s losses aren’t just current problems. Red wave expected for the 2022 midterm elections, according to 2021 election.

Everybody knows it – including Vice President Kamala Harris.

“What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on,” she said while campaigning for McAuliffe.

This was all before New Jersey even existed.

Biden’s entire left-wing agenda and campaign lost heavily last night. But it will be nothing compared to what he’s going to suffer in the next election cycle.


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