Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell Still Spending Campaign Funds On Glitzy Lifestyle, FEC Records Show

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) just can’t seem to break himself of the high life. The Daily Caller has again found records of the Federal Election Commission that show Swalwell had substantial election-off-year expenses.

The FEC submitted the filings for the third quarter 2021 campaign. They show a long list of high-end restaurants and sports events.

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Swalwell’s Jet-Setting Ways

A quick perusal of Swalwell’s expenses tell an interesting tale. Swalwell has been to some of the most exclusive restaurants in Washington D.C. and attended several Washington Nationals baseball matches. He also appears to have traveled in luxury using limo service.

When he wasn’t at the Wunter Garten beer garden, he was having his alcohol delivered to his home with the Drizzly liquor delivery app. There were also trips to Vegas and the Cosmopolitan Casino. 

Swalwell, however, was not traveling commercially like us. He was flying by private plane, but the JetSuiteX luxury private jet service.How in the world are you on a committee with “intelligence”? 

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The Pattern of Spending

Swalwell has been doing this for years.

The FEC discovered that Swalwell for Congress spent approximately $500,000 in July on similar indulgences such as limos and expensive restaurants, along with alcohol delivery.

There was also a $20,000 bill from the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay hotel where Swalwell’s wife Brittany had previously worked.

Although Rep. Swalwell was not accused in any of these cases, the July records of the second quarter 2021 showed that $500,000 appeared to be a strange amount for a congressman who isn’t running for re-election in a year. His district consistently votes 70% Democrat.

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“The Spy Who ‘Loved’ Me”

Rep. Swalwell’s involvement in a Chinese spy investigation is perhaps the most famous or notorious.

Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, who worked on Swalwell’s 2014 reelection campaign, and eventually was able to install an intern in his California office.

According to a CNN report, Swalwell says he was “shocked” when the FBI informed him after Fang had fled the country, that she was suspected of being a spy, who was trying to establish relationships with American politicians.

Swalwell maintains that he worked in complete cooperation with the FBI. He was not also accused of any wrongdoing. Swalwell says that he did not divulge any sensitive information, but would not confirm if there were any sexual relations between the two of them. 


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