‘Radical Intrusion’: DeSantis Sues Biden Over Federal Vaccine Mandate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has sued President Biden over the administration’s federal vaccine mandate for contractors.

DeSantis announced Thursday that the suit, which names President Donald Trump and several federal departments as defendants in the matter, was filed.

“Florida has filed another lawsuit against the Biden administration. This lawsuit challenges the Biden administration’s order imposing a vaccine mandate on federal contractors,” DeSantis said at a press conference.

The suit is seeking a preliminary nationwide injunction for what court documents describe as a “radical intrusion on the personal autonomy of American workers.”

“It’s important for us to take a stand,” DeSantis said. “Tossing people aside is just not something we can tolerate here in the state of Florida, so we are going to do everything we can.”

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DeSantis Sues Over Vaccine Mandate

DeSantis has just announced the lawsuit two weeks after having threatened to.

To be clear, he has consistently urged Floridians to get the vaccine, citing the effectiveness of the jab and noting that a significant percentage of people being hospitalized for COVID “are either not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.”

However, he continues to fight against the mandates that force citizens to receive shots.

“Let’s not have Biden come in and effectively take away — threaten to take away — the jobs of people who have been working hard throughout this entire pandemic,” DeSantis said. “I am offended that a police officer could potentially lose their job.”

DeSantis also offers $5,000 bonus to officers who move to Florida to avoid mandatory vaccinations.

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Biden has more bad news

On Thursday, a Washington, D.C. district court issued a temporary restraining orbidding active-duty and civilian military plaintiffs, who had filed religious exemptions, from being fired.

The plaintiff for the defendants accused the Biden administration of showing “an unprecedented, cavalier attitude toward the rule of law and an utter ineptitude at basic constitutional contours.”

This order was made by Colleen Kollar Kotelly, District Judge. It may surprise some that President Bill Clinton nominated her to be the District Judge in 1997.

Kollar-Kotelly wrote that “active duty military plaintiffs, whose religious exception requests have been denied, will not be disciplined or separated during the pendency of their appeals.”

DeSantis’ administration fined Leon County $3.57 million for imposing a vaccine mandate on local government employees in violation of the state’s ban on vaccine passports.

When he’s not fighting back against un-American mandates, DeSantis is hard at work correcting other mistakes by the Biden administration.

Florida Governor addressed the late supply chain crisis by enticing cargo shippers to move to Sunshine State ports.

“Florida is here … and we are going to make sure Americans get their Christmas gifts this season,” DeSantis said.

One of the best possible gifts Americans could get right now is a sound defeat in the courts for Biden’s vaccine mandate.


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