New Book Claims Pelosi Had Meltdown, Accused Trump Of ‘Bugging Her Phone’

Stephanie Grisham is a former White House Press secretary and details how Trump allegedly abused her cellphone after a testy meeting.

Grisham’s book, entitled “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” about her time in the Trump administration, has been making waves in the media for some of the extraordinary claims made.

Pelosi, for her part has denied that the event took place. 

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Details Of Pelosi’s Meltdown

According to Grisham’s book, in October of 2019, a meeting was scheduled between Trump, Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss the U.S. response to Turkey as it carried out military operations in Syria.

Grisham claimed she was there and said that it went badly in a hurry.

Grisham’s story is that, at some point during the meeting, Pelosi stood up, pointed at Tump and declared,  ‘All roads with you lead to Russia,’ she snapped. ‘You gave Russia Ukraine and Syria.’”

Grisham then says that Trump responded in his classic fashion, telling Pelosi,  “You’re just a third-rate politician!”

Both Schumer and Pelosi then get up and leave. First, the White House receptionist had to return the phones they took prior to the meeting. It is an accepted protocol to secure the phone lines.

The receptionist, who was expecting a longer meeting, couldn’t immediately find the right phones.

Grisham says this is the reason Pelosi has lost it. “We can’t even trust you people with our phones! You guys should never have my phone! I know you bugged it!”

Pelosi then tore into the receptionist, and lost it because there was no umbrella she could use “to go out to the microphones in the rain and berate the president in front of the cameras.”

Grisham claims that Pelosi continued to scream at the receptionist and “bullying” her. Trump also accused Pelosi of having an “unhinged meltdown.”

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Pelosi’s Response, What Trump Says About Grisham

Pelosi refutes the claim.

Drew Hamill, spokesman for Nancy Pelosi says Grisham’s version of the story “never happened.” Hamill also called Grisham’s claims “completely made up,” and “desperate trash.”

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Melania is the subject of Grisham’s writing

Stephanie Grisham, who served as Former First Lady Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff, seems to have no qualms about throwing the former First Lady under the bus as well.

Melania Trump asked her if she wanted Grisham send out a Tweet condemning violence at Capitol Hill on January 6. She claims that Mrs. Trump said very simply, “no.”

Grisham then asked Melania if Melania wanted to arrange a time and place for the tea traditional First Ladies enjoy when they transition into power. She says Melania’s response was to “wait and see what the West Wing does.” The implication being that Melania agreed with her husband that the election was not legitimate.

Melania Trump said that the book is nothing more than Grisham’s attempt to “redeem herself” after doing a poor job as Press Secretary, and mentions her “failed personal relationships and unprofessional behavior.”

Recently, during an appearance with CNN’s Jake Tapper on his show, “The Lead,” Grisham claims that Trump “attempted a coup,” and that he would want his critics like her to be “jailed.”   


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