How Big Should My Company be to Start Looking for Managed IT Services?

Technology is an essential component of almost every business because it plays such an important role in it. Because the technological landscape is increasingly shifting, staying on top of your company’s IT needs can be a major challenge.

Many businesses find themselves completely daunted by the number of choices available to them, and combined with a lack of knowledge in the area, they often blow the budget on IT without a real understanding of what is necessary and what is not.

It is not such a big deal for bigger businesses. They have a much larger budget and the need to outsource particular tasks and roles is often obvious. But what about the small to midsize businesses or SMB’s, as they are often called? How do they know when is the right time to take on a managed IT service? 

The one thing to bear in mind is that generally, it is always in one’s long-term interests to cut costs and maximize efficiency wherever possible. Outsourcing experts like IT support in Torrance may create a win-win situation by saving time and money while also improving the productivity of your in-house team.

What Do We Mean by Managed IT Services?

Outsourcing the coordination of anything IT-related, from office hardware maintenance to network security requirements and cloud storage and computing services, is what managed IT services are all about.

When it comes to IT, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because each entity’s needs vary greatly.

The economic impact of the traditional in-house role has been estimated to consume up to 70% of a company’s IT budget just to keep business-critical systems operational. This is just not feasible anymore, especially given the demand that IT puts on a business now. Not only does it save money in the long run, but it also gives businesses access to a wider range of expertise and skill that may not be prevalent in the in-house team.

When and Where to Start with Managed IT Services

Some SMB’s may recognize the requirement to begin outsourcing parts of their IT infrastructure but don’t quite need a fully comprehensive plan just yet. When this happens, the IT company will likely offer a pick and choose range of services to get them started.

Another thing that many companies do in the earlier days is to outsource the cloud infrastructure to a third party, or another specific feature that will then allow the business to concentrate on providing excellent value to their customers.

How Does a Small to Medium Business Benefit from Using a  Managed IT service?

Managed IT services may result in better cost control and risk avoidance. Because threats are constantly evolving as technology advances, MSPs may be more aware of current security trends and data laws. With direct connections to the most recent IT features, you may be able to improve your customer experience, thus improving your returning customer numbers and sales figures.

With new research suggesting that over 40% of cyber attacks target SMBs and that those who experience cyberattacks are gone within six months, managed iT services are an excellent way of gaining peace of mind and cutting costs in the long term.