The Future of Politics

The polarization of each side of the isle has become so extreme until one has to wonder where is all this politicking headed.The leadership says they are going to lead in a bipartisan way ,but when their party comes into power they forget and return to the status quo.The democrats have their platform and the republicans have their issues that they will, not budge an inch on.This type of posturing especially during the most bleak and empty times that our citizens are facing is disturbing. These are possibly some of the reasons people turn to watching legal analysts on the news broadcasts like Andrew Napolitano. There are times people just want a simplified summary of a law or a case without having to read plus watch everything in real time. Napolitano from Fox News gives you that as he has true real life courtroom experience as a judge.

A fair comparison would be people who like a summary of sports from ESPN ,but only watch the playoffs.Let’s be honest people are busy and worried about their own families during this time of the pandemic.The future of politics is not the number one priority until election time. The more big money keeps being injected into this political gumbo it will continue to block the will of the people. Unless the American spirit rallies to keep the Constitution valid because it is under assault from the left .The future of politics may not resemble America at all. There are socialist being elected at all levels of government. Then there are some who just want to start over from scratch or tear down this Republic. The time when more mature statesmen use to due closed door meetings and come to a compromise has all but disappeared in one generation. All of this mixed with racial politics by playing the us versus them and instead of us being Americans. Everyone has to pick a side just like children on a playground when you choose your team. This is going to produce an eruption of anarchists who feel left out and jolted anyway. The people will start to care more about what laws are being passed in their state than the federal laws that are shaped by lobbyists and big business.

The little guy or gal from main street the one who all the politicians claim that they are fighting for will be left outside in the cold. The people that used to shunned because they were preppers will be the only ready for the future. The future of politics is that you will have to rely on yourself when the politicians are incapable of passing even the most common sense laws to protect this union. There are people outside of this country dying to get in ,but the some of the citizens have forgotten what an awesome triumph the United States of America really has been. No one claimed it was perfect, but Andrew Napolitano believes it is a work in progress and that progress comes through the people.