Parking lot confrontation        

Police responded at 2:36 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24, to a 911 call from a parking lot near the intersection of 23rd Avenue East and East Union Street.

The 911 caller reported two victims had just been assaulted inside their car, and the suspects had tried to rob them. The victims said the suspect drove away in a white Cadillac.

The victims said they’d met up with the suspects in the parking lot and one of the victims got out of the car to speak with them. When the victim got back into the car, they sat for a minute, and then one of the suspects punched through the car window, shattering it.

The suspect attempted to grab a backpack from inside the car, but the victims were able to drive away before he could get to it. They called 911 from the other side of the parking lot.

One of the victims was bleeding from the mouth, but he refused to go to the hospital. Despite there being several witnesses on scene, none of them would talk to police. They all said they didn’t see anything.

Purse snatching

Police responded at 10:54 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, to a reported robbery near the intersection of East Harrison Street and Summit Avenue East.

The victim told police she was walking eastbound on Harrison, from her son’s apartment to her hotel room a few blocks away, when someone yanked her purse off of her shoulder.

She turned around and saw three men in dark clothing running away in different directions.

Officers observed some reddening on the victim’s left forearm from the purse strap being yanked from her arm. She said she’s visiting from California, and was going home the next day. She reported her tan purse contained a burgundy wallet with about $100 in cash and her California driver’s license, passport and four credit cards.

Regular customer           

Police responded at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21, to a shoplifting at a store in the 1400 block of East John Street where the suspect stole $40 worth of beer.

Store employees reported the suspect grabbed two cases of Heineken and walked out of the store, heading eastbound on foot. They said the suspect had been arrested for shoplifting at the store several times in the past, and responding officers recognized the suspect as being a frequent offender.

When officers asked the employees if they’d attempted to stop the suspect during the shoplifting incident, they said they never stop him anymore because he becomes extremely aggressive and everybody is afraid for their safety around him.

One employee reported he only works two days a week, but every day he works he sees the suspect come in and shoplift.

Responding officers said they would attemp to charge the suspect with burglary if they caught him, because he had been caught shoplifting at the store so many times in the past and was violating a criminal trespass order.