Sore losers

Police responded at 1:02 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1, to an assault call from a club in the 1500 block of Broadway Avenue East.

Arriving officers found a security guard mounting a suspect, holding the suspect’s hands against his chest. Both the suspect and the security guard had injuries to their faces and were bleeding. Security guards told police the following:

The suspect and his friends had been in line trying to get into the club. Security noticed the suspect and his friend were trying to sneak a bottle of alcohol into the club, so they were denied entry. The suspect first tried to bribe the bouncers into letting them into the club. Security told the suspects to leave the area, and they became argumentative and aggressive. A physical fight ensued after the suspect punched the security guard in the face. The suspect and his friend both assaulted the security guard.

The club has a security camera on the front door, and the entire incident was recorded. Officers viewed the security footage and arrested the suspect and one of his friends for assault based on the footage. The video showed the second suspect climbing onto the back of the security guard and using a scarf — part of his Halloween costume — to choke the security guard. The security guard said he was having trouble breathing, until another security guard arrived and pulled the second suspect off of him. One of the suspects was arrested for felony assault, and the second was arrested for a misdemeanor assault.

Helpful bystander       

A woman called 911 at 9:12 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31, to report an assault she’d witnessed near 13th Avenue East and East Harrison Street.

Arriving officers found the victim, who said four men wearing masks had approached him while he was walking down the sidewalk and tried to steal his cellphone.

One of the men tried to grab his phone from his hands, and as he backed away from the suspect another man tried to punch him in the face.

The witness was in her car when she saw the interaction between the victim and the suspects. She got out of her car and said she was calling the police. The suspects immediately fled the area, running eastbound on East Harrison Street.

Officers were unable to find the suspects.

Strange shoplifter           

Police responded at 8:15 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30, to a shoplifting report at the Walgreens in the 1500 block of Broadway Avenue East.

The store manager told officers he saw the suspect take a pair of Dr. Scholl’s shoe insoles out of the packaging and insert them into his own shoes. The manager approached the suspect and told him he needed to either put the insoles back or pay for them.

The suspect lunged at the manager in a menacing manner, so the manager backed off and called 911. The suspect exited the store without paying for the insoles that were still in his shoes.

Officers found the suspect near 12th Avenue East and East Pike Street. He appeared to be extremely high, as he kept twitching and moving around and couldn’t sit still.

The suspect was arrested for robbery, because he was approached by a store employee and refused to return the stolen merchandise. Officers noted he matched the description given in two other theft reports on the same day.

Looking for a handout           

Employees at Wanderfish Poke in the 1600 block of Broadway Avenue East called 911 at 6:25 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30, to report a theft that just occurred.

They said a man entered the restaurant and asked for free food. When employees declined he walked to the front counter and grabbed the tip jar, taking all the money out, and walked to the door. An employee grabbed the suspect by the arm and attempted to stop him, and the suspect turned around and lunged at him, threatening to beat him up. When another employee said she was going to call 911, the suspect turned around and ran out of the store.

Employees told officers the suspect frequently comes in and asks for free food or to use the bathroom. They said he stole money out of the tip jar about two weeks ago. The suspect has stolen at least $20 dollars from the tip jar.

They gave police a description of the suspect and said they’ve seen him hanging out at Cal Anderson Park and on the steps at East Howell Street and Nagel Place. Police searched these areas for the suspect, but didn’t find him. Employees provided officers with a photo of the suspect.

Unwanted tenant           

Police were called to an apartment building in the 1300 block of East Union Street at 7:49 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30, by the building manager who stated she believed an ex-tenant had broken into her now-vacant apartment and was inside right now.

The manager said she saw a light on and heard noises inside the apartment, and that there was some random personal items on the grass outside she thought belonged to the ex-tenant.

Officers went inside the apartment with the manager and found the ex-tenant laying on the floor inside the apartment. She said she’d been evicted from the apartment about two months ago, and that she’d tried to get into the building earlier in the evening, but nobody would buzz her in. She said she crawled in through a window and had just been intending to sleep.

The building manager told police property management wanted to press charges against the suspect for burglary. She was placed under arrest and was slightly uncooperative with police. Officers found a capped syringe on the suspect, but no drugs.