A new community group has formed in Miller Park, focused on the impacts of upzoning through Seattle’s Mandatory Housing Affordability program.

Andrew Taylor, who was among a group of resident living near Meany Middle School in 1990 that formed the Miller Park Neighborhood Association — now Miller Park Neighbors — said this new group will assume the name Miller Park Neighbors as it challenges MHA upzoning under the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda.

Taylor said his former group had been fairly active for the past 30 years, but that activity dropped after it achieved its goals. He has been updating a neighborhood blog periodically over the past few years. His Jan. 26 post is titled, “Passing the torch.”

“It’s a genuine continuation of a general neighborhood organization,” Taylor said. “They are all concerned about preserving how their life is.”

Taylor said it isn’t NIMBY-ism by single-family residents, but arguing that HALA affordable housing goals have been met in the neighborhood. He points to four Capitol Hill Housing developments in the area.

“My view is we could make a good argument that we’ve already done it, and we don’t need to get any taller,” Taylor said.

Gayle Thompson with the new Miller Park Neighbors tells the Capitol Hill Times the group is still planning how to address the HALA proposal.

A Madison-Miller Urban Village Community Design Workshop addressing upzoning and housing affordability is being held 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28, at the Miller Community Center, 330 19th Ave. E.