Unprovoked assault           

A man called 911 at 8:26 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, to report he was assaulted on the sidewalk near East Pine Street and 10th Avenue East.

He said he was walking southbound on 10th when the suspect ran toward him carrying a metal pole. She was yelling at the victim to give her his bag. The victim yelled, “I don’t know you, I don’t have your bag!” The suspect swung the pole at the victim, striking him on the left elbow and his left ring finger. She immediately dropped the pole and ran away northbound on 10th.

A witness on scene corroborated the victim’s story. He said he felt pain in his elbow and ring finger, but it didn’t look like there was any visible injury.

Police were unable to locate the suspect. They took the pole as evidence.

Thirsty shoplifter          

Employees at a store in the 1400 block of Broadway East called 911 at 1:11 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, to report a shoplifter had just threatened them with a gun.

An employee reported he’d watched the suspect take a bottle of Prestige Vodka and put it up his jacket sleeve. When the suspect attempted to leave, the employee blocked the door and asked for the bottle back. The suspect refused and began pushing the employee. A security guard approached, and the suspect continued to argue and push the employees before stating he had a gun and reached for his waistband.

The employees backed away and allowed the suspect to leave. He exited the store and was last seen walking southbound on Broadway toward Union.

Responding officers did not locate the suspect.

Crappy return           

Police responded at 11 p.m. Monday, Oct. 23, to a burglary at an apartment in the 200 block of Boylston Avenue East.

The victim reported he’d been out of town since 8 a.m. on Oct. 18, and when he returned at about 10:30 p.m. on the 23rd he found someone had broken into his apartment and defecated all over his bathroom floor.

There was feces spread on the walls of the bathroom and on the carpets. He said a key had broken off inside the lock to his front door before he left, and he thinks the burglar probably took advantage of that and figured out how to unlock the door. Officers suggested to the victim that he have his building management repair his front door and that he wear gloves and eye protection when he goes to clean up the mess.

Stolen Spot           

Police responded at 8:21 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18, to the 500 block of Minor Avenue for an assault.

The victim told police she’d come to the north side of the building on this block as it was her normal sleeping spot. She saw two suspects were setting up camp in her spot. She confronted them and told them to leave. The suspects became combative. She pulled out a fork to defend herself, and one of the suspects pepper sprayed her in the face. Responding officers offered to call the victim an ambulance, but she said she’d walk to Harborview.

Officers told the victim she couldn’t sleep on this property because the building has no trespassing signs posted. She told police she could stay anywhere she wants in the city of Seattle because she is homeless. She was told again that she was trespassing and needed to leave the property.

Rude Awakening           

A man living in the 1000 block of East Jefferson Street called 911 at 7:59 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, to report he was just been woken up by a man kicking his front door in.

He said he was asleep in his apartment at about 7:50 a.m., when he woke up to a loud crash. He jumped out of bed and went out to find his front door kicked in and a strange man standing in his apartment. The suspect threw his hands up in the air and yelled, “My bad!” before running out the door. The victim said the suspect had set his backpack and a crack pipe down on his dryer, but grabbed them before he ran off.

He said nothing was stolen from the apartment, but his front door was damaged.

Cut screen           

Police responded at 10:22 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, to a burglary at an apartment in the 1700 block of East Mercer Street.

The victim said she’d been away from home from 11 p.m. on Oct. 17 until about 9:30 p.m. Oct. 19. When she returned home, she found her apartment was broken into and her MacBook, jewelry and Nikon camera were stolen. Altogether she estimated the loss to be about $2,151. The victim said the suspect came in through an unlocked window after cutting the screen.

Snatched purse           

Police responded at 9:18 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, to a restaurant in the 600 block of 19th Avenue East for a theft from the employee office.

The victim said she’d left her purse on a coat hanger in the office while she was working. The restaurant’s security cameras captured the suspect enter the office and rummage through some drawers before grabbing the purse and walking out.

The victim reported her purse was worth about $300 dollars, and it contained her wallet, about $200, nine credit cards, her driver’s license, birth certificate, passport number and car keys.