The Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development has published a draft update to the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Design Guidelines that are meant to reflect the many changes since guidelines were first adopted 13 years ago.

Neighborhood design guidelines are used by the design review boards to assess whether new developments meet defined architectural qualities and public space.

The Capitol Hill Design Guidelines were adopted in 2005, and updated to meet citywide guidelines in 2013 that hadn’t been revised since 1993. It also added the light rail station sites ahead of the U-Link opening in 2016.

OPCD put together an advisory group last year to assess current design elements in the neighborhood. They conducted walking tours last summer, and provided input that went into the draft guidelines, along with feedback from an online survey.

A new survey has been launched to gather feedback on the draft guidelines, and people have until June 13 to weigh in. The survey can be found at

Priority design issues include leveraging new development to preserve the neighborhood’s arts community and advance the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict’s environment and equity goals, as well as preserving tree canopies, honoring Capitol Hill’s LGBTQ roots, and incorporating the best features of early to mid-century buildings into new development.

The full draft of the 2018 Capitol Hill Design Guidelines is available at this shortened link: