The Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner reports Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Options, Inc. will now provide transgender women with breast augmentation following an agreement reached after an investigation earlier this year.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler directed his office to help three people who came forward about being denied breast augmentation, and an investigation determined the companies excluded the treatment in their policies. The companies did pay for reconstruction for transgender men and cisgender women who have had a mastectomy, according to a news release from the  Office of the Insurance Commissioner. The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to provide the same services for transgender people that it covers for cisgender people.

“The companies specifically excluded breast augmentation as a treatment for gender dysphoria, the clinical diagnosis for transgender men and women,” a news release states. “The companies did not consider individual cases, but instead issued blanket denials based on exclusions in their policies.”

The agreement reached by the companies and Kreidler’s office will not only provide chest reconstruction for transgender women, but also requires reassessing all denials of treatment going back to January 2016. Those assessments are expected to be completed by Oct. 28.

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner did find that the Kaiser companies updated clinical review criteria regarding breast augmentation effective June 5, 2018, and both parties understand that the new criteria is subject to change with evolving medical standards, according to the complaint resolution agreement.

Anyone who feels they have been denied coverage or treatment based on their gender or gender identity can file a complaint here.