Coffee seekers on Capitol Hill can now get their fix at Let It Bean, the newest incarnation of the stand at the corner of Broadway and East Harrison Street. 

Formerly TNT Espresso Company, the walk-up and drive-thru spot has been a local caffeine haven for the past two decades. New owner Candace Smith recently took the reins and refreshed the corner in hopes of continuing its legacy.

“The coffee stand has been a part of Capitol Hill for 20 years,” Smith states in an email about Let It Bean. “It was the first coffee spot I stopped at when I first moved to Seattle.”

As a former employee of Mishu Boutique on Broadway, Smith became connected to the stand organically.

“Rock Sielaff was the previous owner,” explained Smith. “We became friends because I stopped by for coffee every day. I worked across the street and we would play games and Snapchat each other funny things daily.

“When he told me he was ready to go back to [his previous home of] Chicago, he said he really wanted the stand to stay within our little coffee family. I didn’t want to see the coffee stand close and decided to try to keep the vibe going.”

The stand officially reopened as Let It Bean on Sept. 1. Showcasing Smith’s love of The Beatles, it now shines with music memorabilia, technicolor interior walls and rainbow decor.

“All you need is love and coffee,” Smith cites as the stand’s tagline.

Outside the sky blue hut, purple tables and blue chairs welcome visitors to sit and sip. Tea light lanterns and Smith’s homegrown succulents serve as centerpieces, as strings of warm orange lights twinkle overhead. A chalkboard sign declares witty coffee-themed slogans each day, encouraging walkers and drivers alike to stop and fuel up.

The open-air seating area shares a lot with Teriyaki & Wok, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both companies.

In keeping with the local focus, Let It Bean serves Fulcrum Coffee, which is based out of SODO. With different drink recipes and specials offered each week, Smith’s goal is to keep customers happy and properly caffeinated.

“Strong coffee all day,” Smith said.

Though small in stature, the stand greatly contributes to the flavor of Capitol Hill. A jar of dog treats sits atop the counter inside, ready for canine visitors and their people to make a pit stop. On the southern exterior wall, a vibrant flower-crowned cow head sculpture — fittingly named MooPaul — faces passersby.

And above the stand, a rainbow flag flies proudly, signaling a safe space for the LGBTQA community of Seattle and beyond.

“The customers have been wonderful through the transition from TNT to Let it Bean,” wrote Smith. “A lot of people comment how this little stand has been here as long as they can remember.

“It’s that familiar place on the corner that’s been there serving coffee for twenty years. It’s also the only drive-thru coffee stand in this area.

“Since owning this stand I have met so many wonderful people in my neighborhood. We really are like a family and I’m truly grateful for all of the support that I have received from everyone.”

The main concern of Smith’s so far comes not from customers, but from a source many local business owners fear — real estate developers.

“I think the hardest obstacle is that constant reminder that this whole lot could be bought at anytime by developers and turned into condos,” noted Smith. “There’s a lot of things changing on the Hill and I feel that this little stand is one of those funky spots that make Seattle unique, especially Capitol Hill. Let’s keep Seattle weird!”

Let It Bean is located at 324 Broadway E. For more information, visit