The Capitol Hill Kaladi Brothers Coffee shop ended its participation with a homeless support program shortly after it started, the Alaska-based company citing increased problems with drug use in its bathrooms, people having to be asked to leave for shouting profanity and loitering and trash in and around the property, among other things.

The Capitol Hill Times first reported about Kaladi Brothers joining The Pledge, where businesses agree to open their shops and storefronts to homeless individuals seeking temporary shelter from the heat or cold, to use the restroom, a place to charge their cellphones or make a call and to get a drink or food, earlier this month. The Capitol Hill location had also implemented a community According to a letter from Michele Parkhurst, Kaladi Brothers Coffee chief operating officer, “Bathrooms would be occupied for 3+ hours continuously, preventing our paying customers from being able to use them.” Needles and other drug paraphernalia have been found in the bathrooms, the letter states, as well as blood, feces and urine on the floors. Other issues include more people loitering, smoking in front of the business, sleeping, vomiting, defecating and leaving trash on outside sidewalks. 

Kaladi Brothers also ended its community card, where patrons could put money on a card to be used by those in need to purchase food and drinks. Capitol Hill Kaladi Brothers Coffee assistant manager Sean Dubs said since offering the community card, Dubs said customers had placed more than $1,000 on it.

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