“It was actually less discovered at the time,” she said, “which was good, because I was able to have a second-floor space that I wanted and people were able to find parking.”

She had been teaching aerobics since she was 16. When her instructor moved away, she suggested trying yoga to get stronger.

Palmer studied with Kathleen Hunt, who founded Samadhi Yoga on the corner of 12th Avenue and East Pike with her husband, Steven Davis, in 1999. The business moved in 2014. 

Most of the Capitol Hill building at 500 E. Pike was Brocklind’s bridal and costume shop when Palmer inquired about taking some of its second-floor space. She said an acquaintance who had also been teaching aerobics had looked at the space, but told her they couldn’t use it.

8 Limbs refers to the limbs of yoga teachings, the business’ slogan being “Many paths, follow yours.” Since opening, Palmer said she’s added to 8 Limbs’ offerings, which include pre- and post-natal yoga, 50+ yoga, kids and family yoga and meditation.

8 Limbs is hosting a workshop, “Seeing the Water: Whiteness in Daily Life,” 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, in space donated by First Covenant Church of Seattle, 420 E. Pike St.  

“He came to classes and went to different teachers mostly,” she said, “and two years later something clicked.”

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