A Seattle Police officer stationed in the East Precinct has been charged with first-degree theft for allegedly lying about the hours he worked for nearly a year.

East Precinct Operations Lieutenant Graham Ballingham became suspicious of Officer Michael J. Stankiewicz, 46, after a call came out on Aug. 15 checking the availability of a Department of Corrections team that Stankiewicz served on and there had been response, according to a probable cause document.

Ballingham found Stankiewicz was shown to be working that day, but his partner told the lieutenant he wasn’t there that night, nor was in during the week of Aug. 7-11, according to the probable cause document.

The lieutenant went back through electronic databases used by SPD and found around a dozen instances between June and August where Stankiewicz was paid but did not appear to have been clocked on for duty, the probable cause affidavit states, and then went back to October 2016, when the officer started with the East Precinct.

“Lt. Ballingham found 55 days where Officer Stankiewicz received pay but there was no CAD log-on information or prox card activity besides two days where there was minimal prox card usage,” the affidavit states, “leading Lt. Ballingham to suspect Officer Stankiewicz was receiving pay for hours he was not actually at work.”

The lieutenant reported his findings to East Precinct Capt. Paul McDonagh, which resulted in a formal complaint that was sent to the SPD Office of Professional Accountability.

Stankiewicz was suspended with pay on Aug. 29. He has been with the department since March 5, 1997.

The OPA investigation discovered from Oct. 12, 2016 to Aug. 29, 2017 that Stankiewicz was paid for 60 days of work where “there was little to no electronic evidence he was at work,” the affidavit states. Additional questionable days were added when an investigator determined Stankiewicz had reported for jury duty in Snohomish County, where he lives, and was dismissed after one day. The affidavit states he did not return to duty the next day, and received a week of pay from the city for jury duty.

Stankiewicz’s supervisors told the investigator direct contact with the officer was minimal due to “almost completely different schedules,” the affidavit states.

The investigator was able to lower the questionable days from 64 to 55 days where it appeared Stankiewicz was paid but didn’t work. That amounted to 485 hours of pay at $49.29, or $23,905.65.

Stankiewicz was charged with theft in the first degree on Tuesday, Oct. 24, and is set for arraignment in King County Superior Court on Nov. 6. He is now on unpaid leave following the outcome of the case.