Seattle Police will be conducting emphasis patrols in north Capitol Hill after the tires to more than 20 vehicles were slashed sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Resident Hillary Brooks told the Capitol Hill Times she called the police Wednesday morning after she and her husband found their car and many more had been vandalized.

“I got a call from my husband, who was walking to the car, and he called me and said all four of our tires are flat,” Brooks said. “I ran down there, and when he walked to the car he noticed some other cars had flat tires.”

Brooks said she and her husband together walked around Harvard Avenue, between Aloha and Prospect streets, and then down Prospect to Belmont Avenue.

“I counted 11 cars,” she said. “My husband kept walking around, and he counted over 25 cars when he walked down Summit.”

SPD reports 25 cars and one motorcycle had tires punctured.

Brooks said she used Nextdoor to ask neighbors for any private surveillance footage they may have, but she has not heard from anyone. One neighbor did tell her she heard what sounded like air being released from a tire around 2 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6, Brooks said.

“She didn’t see anything, but that’s the information we know so far,” she said.

Police report they are also reaching out to residents to see if any security footage can be provided. Anyone with such footage or images is asked to call East Precinct detectives at 206-684-5740.

Officers were unable to make contact with every vehicle owner on Wednesday. Anyone who was a victim in this case is being asked to make a report by calling 206-625-5011.

“They mentioned that this was a pretty bad case,” Brooks said of her conversation with responding officers on Wednesday. “It doesn’t sound like they had ever seen anything like this in terms of this many cars being affected.”

Brooks said she and many other neighbors were left having to call tow companies and pay to replace their tires.