Editor's note: This story contains some graphic information.

A 32-year-old Seattle man was arrested on Aug. 30 for allegedly exposing himself to two women in Capitol Hill and assaulting one of them after they told him off.

Derron Wiggins had allegedly been sitting next to the women in a bar, and then followed them when they left. They were walking on East Pike Street around 2 a.m. Aug. 30, when Wiggins reportedly approached them and pulled out his erect penis, according to a probable cause statement by Seattle Police Detective Nathan Janes.

After he refused to stop advancing on them and making derogatory comments, the complaint filed by the King County Prosecutor’s Office states one of the women told Wiggins, “You can’t talk to us like that!”

“F*** you! I can talk to you however I want!” is what Wiggins allegedly said before he grabbed the woman’s face and pushed her into some bushes, causing her to hit the back of her head against a wall next to Poquitos restaurant, knocking her unconscious.

Security staff at Havana Night Club witnessed the assault and verified these details, according to Janes’ report.

Wiggins reportedly ran away after that, and was caught nearby by police, who observed him attempting to stuff cocaine in his mouth before being arrested, according to the report.

“His efforts to dispose of this evidence were not entirely successful, however, as officers found cocaine in the defendant’s pants pocket as well,” the complaint states.

A chewed up bag with what appeared to be cocaine inside was recovered from Wiggins’ pocket and verified with a field test, according to Janes’ report. There was approximately 2.5 grams, according to the report.

The woman Wiggins allegedly knocked unconscious suffered a concussion, according to the complaint, and experienced nausea, dizziness, headaches and soreness to her back and neck for several days, as well as some memory loss.

“In addition to the impact of the physical assault, both women felt violated and were very upset from the sexual nature of the contact with the defendant,” the complaint states.

Wiggins is charged with second-degree assault, violation of the uniform controlled substance act and indecent exposure. He pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on Thursday, Sept. 14, and a case-setting hearing is set for Sept. 28.

The complaint states Wiggins has been booked in King County 26 times since 2002 and has had 27 warrants. Wiggins had been out of jail on conditional release on Aug. 30, and is set for trial in King County Superior Court for a strangulation case in October.