Editor’s Note: The Capitol Hill Times does not identify victims or alleged victims of sexual assault, nor does it identify suspects in criminal investigations until formal charges are filed.

The Seattle Police Department continues to investigate a prominent Capitol Hill figure accused of promoting prostitution.

Well known in the LGBTQ community, the suspect was identified earlier this year by an acquaintance as having attempted to recruit him as an escort. The two reportedly met while working together at a gay bar in Capitol Hill.

The 22-year-old man said the suspect befriended him back in January. Shortly after, according to a March 1 affidavit for search warrant, the suspect told him he could get him work as highly paid escort.

“(The suspect) told him explicitly that he could be working for persons in position of power, and specifically mentioned government leaders (not by name, but by role),” the affidavit states. “… He also stated that he had already placed other similar males and at least one female into similar lucrative escort work.”

The affidavit states the suspect groomed the alleged victim for escort work, enticing him by regularly praising his physical appearance and telling him what his earning potential could be — as much as $1,000 per event.

According to the alleged victim, the suspect conducted multiple photo shoots with him at his home and in a nearby Capitol Hill park, the affidavit states, and on at least two occasions asked the man to pleasure himself on camera.

The affidavit states the alleged victim told police the suspect took him to a Seattle bathhouse in February, so he “could learn to handle himself in a ‘truly sexually-charged environment.’  ”

According to the affidavit, the alleged victim told police the suspect also provided him with methamphetamine, because of its prevalence at parties where he would be working.

The suspect and alleged victim had a falling out sometime during the week of Feb. 20, according to the affidavit, because the 22-year-old man said he believed he had been drugged and raped by the suspect. He told police he believed the suspect had photographic and/or video evidence at his Capitol Hill home.

Investigators have seized digital devices and documents from the suspect’s residence as part of its investigation. Seattle Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb confirmed to the Capitol Hill Times that the criminal investigation is active and ongoing, and that no other information will be released at this time.