Seattle Acoustic Festival is hitting the small stage again for the fourth year in a row and it’s exactly what they want. As their motto goes: “Quiet is the new loud.”

The festival will feature 45 local artists on three stages Friday and Saturday, Aug. 25-26, at All Pilgrim’s Church, 500 Broadway E., in Capitol Hill.

Music will start at 6:30 p.m., and doors will be open to attendees to donate what they can. The lineup can be found at

“The goal of the festival is to provide a venue for artists,” said Elijah Dhavvan, a founding organizer of SAF. “And in some way we want to kind of do the same thing for the fans.”

Dhavvan said the festival wanted to ensure whoever wanted to come and support artists could. Supporting the local artists — by purchasing their merchandise, for instance — is an essential aspect of the festival, which seeks to provide a space for intimate performances and interaction.

A lot of music festivals these days fill up arenas and feature relatively loud music.

“There’s all these great bands that are quiet but still really impactful,” Dhavvan said. Those are the musicians SAF aims to recognize and bring together.

Since SAF started four years ago, the festival has grown. Dhavvan said there’s the tension of wanting to get the word out, but not wanting the event to become too large.

The artists at SAF are best appreciated up close, say 20-30 feet away, said Dhavvan, who is a musician himself.

“I’ve been saying ‘I’ a lot in this conversation, but it’s really a we,” Dhavvan said.

Donations go toward the costs of the festival and directly to the artists.

“We don’t make any money,” Dhavvan said, adding some costs, such as printing flyers, comes out of the organizers’ pockets.

The Seattle Acoustic Festival benefits from being organized by artists themselves, Dhavvan said.

“It’s me, Paul Mauer, Anna Steinle and a few other folks that are stepping up in big ways,” said Dhavvan, who plays in Tobias the Owl.

Check out the festival’s music playlists on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud to see how quiet really can be the new loud.