Biden Homeland Sec. Mayorkas Claims Border ‘Is Secure’ Even as DHS Just Suffered the Worst June In History

Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the claim on Tuesday that the border “is secure,” even as roughly 4 million illegal immigrants have crossed since President Biden took office.

Mayorkas raised eyebrows during a visit to the Aspen Security Forum.

“Look, the border is secure,” he said. “We are working to make the border more secure. That has been a historic challenge.”

The Secretary’s comments might be something his failed disinformation board might have wanted to analyze a little further had they successfully implemented it.

“There is work to be done,” Mayorkas added before noting a secure border doesn’t necessarily imply a safe one.

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Mayorkas insists that the border is secure

One doesn’t need to look at statistics to understand the border is NotMayorkas makes the claim that security is not an issue, although it does help to illustrate just how absurd this statement can be.

It is possible to simply observe the fact that 53 illegal immigrants died in San Antonio Texas after they were taken prisoner in a tractor-trailer abandoned by human smugglers.

This scenario was not safe or secure. The rig was eventually driven across the border. It ultimately led to one of the worst human smuggling incidents in U.S. history.

Or you could follow Fox’s Bill Melugin, who chronicles the daily reality of the border – often posting videos of hundreds of people illegally crossing the border at a time:

Quite obviously, there is nothing ‘secure’ to speak of.

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DHS’s Worst June History

These numbers are truly staggering. In the past three months, more than 200 000 illegal immigrants have been encountered at the southern border.

Over 207,000 illegal immigrants attempted to cross the U.S.–Mexico border were arrested in June. It was the most apprehensions that DHS has ever recorded for this month.

It is 31% more than the average amount of June apprehensions in the Trump administration. The total number of apprehensions in June 2020 was slightly more than 33,000

Here are some fun facts about June numbers.

  • 15,271 unaccompanied children were apprehended. 
  • 83,176 illegal immigrants were apprehended from countries outside the NOderthern Triangle and Mexico, showing Biden’s border crisis is global.
  • 56 people on the terror watchlist have been apprehended trying to enter the U.S. between ports of entry since the fiscal year began in October.

None of that seems safe – for the children, for those being smuggled, and for the American people – or secure.

Roughly 4,000,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the border since President Biden took office – a number that includes the nearly 3.2 million illegal immigrants apprehended by CBP and the nearly 800,000 ‘got aways‘ that various reports have noted escaped into the U.S. undetected.

One top Border Patrol union official estimates the ‘got away’ number to be as high as 1.2 million.

Perhaps the alternate reality Mayorkas resides in isn’t quite as extreme as that of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who claimed after the deadly human smuggling tragedy in Texas, that the border isn’t just secure, it’s flat-out “closed.”

“The fact of the matter is the border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks,” she told reporters.

That isn’t a ‘fact’ at all.

It appears that there is no border at all. The driver of the tractor trailer drove through the border and passed the entire sea of people he owned in the cargo area. He was then cleared to continue.

It’s become customary for Biden administration officials to simply state the opposite of reality regarding any crisis their boss, the President, has thrust upon America since taking office.

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