Report: 1 in 5 Americans Are Skipping Meals As Long Lines At Food Banks Make a Comeback Under Biden

According to a new survey, more Americans than ever are cutting back on their meals in an effort to combat the rising food costs under President Biden. However, approximately one-fifth of Americans go to food banks for food to supplement their grocery purchases.

The startling numbers indicate consumers are being forced to take extreme measures to deal with inflation rates that have skyrocketed under President Biden’s administration.

The latest Golden/TIPP poll published last week shows that 23% of respondents are not eating out due to inflation, and 34% are reducing their portion sizes.

Others methods they suggested for reducing higher grocery prices included switching to generic and store-brand brands (50%), cutting back on the price of high-ticket products (47%), or shopping at bargain stores (36%).

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Biden’s Legacy: Skipping Meals and Drumming Up Business For Food Banks

These shocking statistics are not the only ones. 21% more Americans report that they go to food banks to replenish their groceries.

“While most are buying store brands and hunting for bargains, the percentage of people cutting down on food and skipping entire meals is worrisome,” tippinsights writes.

“Food banks and charity organizations across the country are doing all they can to feed the hungry,” they add. “The largest food bank in America, the Houston Food Bank, distributes about 610,000 pounds of food every day.”

An Associated Press report late last week confirms that “long lines are back” at food banks in America as people “overwhelmed by inflation turn to handouts to help feed their families.”

Just days ago, The Political Insider published the financial disaster news that inflation had outpaced economist predictions in June. Inflation soared to an all-time high of 9.1%.

This is what the results? According to the results, an average American worker lost $3,400 annually in wages because of inflation. However, a family that has both parents employed has experienced a $6,000.800 pay cut.

You have a serious crisis when you add in the rising cost of gas and groceries.

“With fuel and food prices soaring to record levels, the purchasing power of the ordinary American has been significantly hit,” tippinsights writes. “The exorbitant prices are forcing people to make tough choices or even cut back on essentials.”

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All Americans are affected by inflation

News of Americans having to visit food banks for the first time and actually skipping meals due to Biden’s inflationary policies comes just a few months after the President scolded Republicans for trying to forget about supply issues under Donald Trump caused by the height of the COVID pandemic.

“Remember those long lines you’d see in a television and people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk? How quickly they forget people were hurting,” Biden said in a decisively angry tone.

“And what did the MAGA crowd want to do? Forget it. Forget it,” he added.

“God, this is the United States of America!” Biden continued. “The idea that people would have to wait in line an hour, an hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk, just unbelievable.”

Joe it is.

This idea that every 5 people has to wait is an absurdity.

CNBC pointed to a number of admin issues that have exacerbated the problem including “clogged supply chains” and “trillions of dollars in Covid-related stimulus spending.”

Likewise, former Obama economic adviser Larry Summers has placed the blame in part on the $1.9 trillion “stimulus.”

Americans aren’t buying President Biden’s excuse that all high costs are due to “Russia, Russia, Russia,” either.

In the same Golden/TIPP Poll, 50% said they disagree that the current economic crisis is due to Putin’s price hike while 41% side with the President.

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