Pro-Abortion Activists Offering Reward To Restaurant Workers Who Report Sightings Of SCOTUS Justices

A liberal pro-abortion group whose self-described mission is to “hold officials accountable” is offering a $250 reward to employees of the service industry to report sightings of Supreme Court Justices involved in the ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The group – known as ShutDownDC – tweeted their offer which involves $50 for a confirmed sighting, followed by the balance if the justice is still in the location 30 minutes after they were snitched on.

This reward appears to be an obvious effort to provide enough time for the protesters and their group to descend upon the site to harass the justice.

Chief Justice John Roberts is one of the most important agitators, as well as Associate Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas. Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett are also among them.

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Liberal Group Rewards Supreme Court Justices for Sightings

ShutDownDC does not intend to relent in its harassment of Supreme Court Justices.

The same group was behind last week’s incident with Kavanaugh at Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington, D.C. where protesters learned that he was dining there and swarmed the entrance before calling the manager “to tell him to kick Kavanaugh out.”

He was told by the group that they made him exit the building’s back.

Kavanaugh was also recently the victim in an alleged attempt at assassination.

A Washington Post report indicates Morton’s has received backlash after the incident, with protesters making calls and “tying up the phone lines” and “making fake reservations.”

Meaning they’re not only harassing the conservative justices, but they’re also harassing any business that dares to serve them.

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Democrats Encourage Harassment Naturally

Similar to what they did with Trump Administration officials in the past, Democrats are refusing to condemn the harassment and intimidation of Supreme Court justices. Instead, they downplay protests that occurred in restaurants or at their residences.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg justified the Morton’s Steakhouse provocation of Kavanaugh because the protesters are “upset.”

“These protesters are upset because a right, an important right that the majority of Americans support, was taken away,” said Buttigieg.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Representative from New York, who has never been in a position to ridicule anyone, once mocked Kavanaugh because he had to leave the restaurant.

“Poor guy,” she sarcastically tweeted. “He left before his soufflé because he decided half the country should risk death if they have an ectopic pregnancy within the wrong state lines. It’s all very unfair to him.”

“I will never understand the pearl-clutching over these protests,” she scoffed in another post.

AOC demonstrated why she is not allowed to be in the House of Congress by this response:

  • It’s a lie – The Supreme Court ruling does not ban treatment for ectopic pregnancies.
  • The same woman talking down to Kavanaugh and making fun of the “pearl-clutching” was clinging bitterly to her own pearls during the Capitol riot, despite not even being in the same building.

ShutDownDC is the same group of liberal activists that Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) last year labeled “Antifa scumbags” after they protested outside of his home.

Encouraging people to act like ‘scumbags’ is a Democrat tradition. These actions are especially common under President Trump.

Maxine Waters (D.CA) instructed her followers to confront Republicans at the grocery shop. Leftists attacked Sarah Sanders and Ted Cruz in a restaurant. You can find a longer list.

The difference here is that the ‘peaceful’ demonstrations have escalated, turning into at least one assassination attempt and numerous attacks on pro-life centers across the country.

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