“Oregon Health Officials Delayed a Meeting Because ‘Urgency Is a White Supremacy Value'”

Robby Soave has a report, available here There are reasons:

Oregon Health Authority (OHA), a state agency, coordinates health care in Oregon. During the pandemic, OHA was responsible for coordinating Oregon’s vaccination drive and disseminating information about COVID-19—both vital tasks.

However, the agency’s office of equity and inclusion prefers to not rush government business. The office’s program manger delayed meeting with partner organisations because “urgency” is considered a white supremacy value. …

We are grateful for your interest to attend the Community Conversation between Regional Health Equity Coalitions and Community Advisory Councils (CACs), in order to discuss Community Investment Collaboratives, ” wrote the writer. [the Regional Health Equity Coalition Program Manager]. “We are aware that urgent work can be a distraction from more deliberate and thought-provoking work. We want to address this. “We will therefore reach out to you later in order to reschedule.”

Strangely, other people believe that non-whites have more character traits than whites. For example, they are more willing to comply with urgent requests. I had heard similar jokes. I don’t like those people.

UPDATE: A screenshot of the email can be seen here.