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Presentation Tips for a Marketing Team

Presentation Tips for a Marketing Team

The way you present your marketing plan can often make or break it. Your slides, the quality of your voice and the emotions you convey, and even what you wear are all important factors that will help or hurt your objective of getting a new partner to invest in your product or service.

According to Jordan Sudberg, a well laid out presentation can help a viewer understand your idea and the idea you want to sell. It can demonstrate the value of your product to a prospective partner, and makes it easier for the viewer to understand.

Creating an Effective Marketing Presentation

One of the most important things to remember when creating a presentation is to keep it basic. Avoid being too wordy when explaining your idea. Instead, try to keep your words to a minimum and rely on visual aides to convey your idea. People tend to remember the information provided through visuals better than what is told through verbal communication.

Here are some tips Jordan Sudberg gives to help you create an effective marketing presentation:

1. Research beforehand

Research your company’s target audience through any number of channels and key informant groups. Your presentation needs to be tailored to the target audience, so use this research to help you create a more successful presentation. For example, if you are trying to convince a prospective investor that your idea will be profitable over the long run, then creating a sales pitch in an educational setting may not work as well as it would in an economic sector where audiences are accustomed to sales pitches.

2. Give a subtle hint of the idea

If the viewer gets an idea of what the presentation is about without hearing it, then they may be more interested or even swayed by your facts and figures. For example, if you are trying to convince a prospective investor that your new product is better than the competition’s product, then appearing as though you have competition will only help convince them that you are right.

3. Keep the presentation length reasonable.

Let your presentation run 30 minutes or less. If you have a lot of material to cover, then break it down into smaller segments. Also stay away from presenting in the middle of a meeting if possible. The viewer will not relax as easily if they have to stop what they are doing and pay attention while you are talking.

4. Use visuals wherever possible.

Use graphs and charts to illustrate any trend or pattern you are trying to convey. Including video if possible can also help to keep the viewer’s attention and add a more personal feel to the presentation.

5. Be enthusiastic.

Use enthusiasm in your voice and body language whenever you are talking about your idea or business. A viewer can tell if the presenter is having fun or not from your body language and how excited you seem to be about your idea.


Presenting to a group of people is often one of the more difficult parts of being a marketer, especially if you are new to the field. Keeping in mind some of these simple tips can help you convey your idea and get the response you want from your viewers.