How Much Does Land Cost in Texas

When you think of Texas, you probably think of wide-open areas and majestic hills, which adds to its reputation as one of the least pricey places to buy land and construct a new house.

Whether you like rural majestic hills, dove hunting in texas, flat plains, or growing suburbs, Texas’ wide and diverse geography has a great area for you to sink roots.

Aside from the terrain, there are a number of additional factors to consider when acquiring property. Variables include accessibility to employers with opportunities for advancement, a desired school district, and the attractions, facilities, and resources you could utilize on a daily basis. 

Cost and whether the attributes of a certain piece of the property make it a good long-term investment, especially when constructing a new custom house, are other crucial variables for potential land purchasers in the Houston region to consider.

What Is the Price of Land in Houston?

Houston is the county capital of Harris County, however, the surrounding suburbs extend into neighboring Fort Bend and Montgomery counties. Large swaths of open property around Houston, as well as other major metro regions like Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth, have proven more difficult to locate in recent years. As more individuals choose to leave the city and move to the suburbs and rural regions, the cost of land in such places is expected to rise.

The average cost of land in Harris County in the first quarter of 2021 was about $21,000 per acre. In 2020, the Gulf Coast area, which includes Harris County, averaged $11,675 per acre of small property transactions.

Location is more important than kind or aesthetic appeal in influencing the price of the property.

However, rural properties that have been upgraded with inner roads, selective clearance, and fences tend to command a higher price. Otherwise, there is relatively little existing agriculture in Houston or its surrounding suburbs. Cropland in the Houston area is often valued for lifestyle farms or rural residential usage rather than agriculture. 

The rural land surveys do not contain typical land prices in Houston. Furthermore, the rush to buy rural tracts since 2020, and the subsequent sharp fall in rural land inventory, have had little effect on Houston land inventory. In actuality, Harris County ranks 15th out of 254 counties in terms of available properties, albeit this statistic does include hunting land.

In Texas, land values are broken down into two categories: rural land sales and small land sales. A small property transaction in Texas is one that involves a parcel of 200 acres or less. Except in Far West Texas, where land purchases of up to 8,000 acres are included in the term. The split of reports is due to the sharp distinction between usage and purchasing patterns. Farming and manufacturing activities often drive rural land acquisition trends, while residential, recreational, or small farm usage drives small land trends. Each area in Texas has its own stunning environment and distinct personality, which influences not only the average price of the property but also the practicality of constructing a new house.

Where Can You Find the Cheapest Land in Texas?

Land in West Texas, the Panhandle, and the South Plains is the most affordable, particularly if you’re seeking agricultural or ranchland. Although Far West Texas remains by far the most affordable, this is due to the property being acquired in big tracts by manufacturing and oil firms, rather than people for agricultural, suburban development, or personal usage.

When assessing the cost of land, you should also examine the purpose of your investment, what you want to do with the property, and what kind of return you may anticipate in the future. The demand for surrounding rural property is likely to rise as the footprints of urban centers expand. That implies that, although property prices in North and South Texas and the Coastal Prairie are more on average than in other locations, they may be a better investment.