Forget The Cord: Charge Multiple Devices At The Same Time Wirelessly

Imagine a day where you can go to the office without the myriad of charging cords you usually carry.  Your workspace is totally uncluttered, and your office is a place of unparalleled productivity. Your desk is a charging station that can charge all your devices at the same time – wirelessly.  Sound like something from the Jetson’s?  It isn’t.  Meet DeepCharge, a Boston-based startup has not only built, but also deployed their wireless charging systems in numerous settings.

According to Co-Founder and CEO, Yousof Naderi, “the DeepCharge story is about the courage to change and simplify our lives.  DeepCharge products enable a world where ordinary surfaces transform into charging surfaces.”  

The company’s award-winning, patented, and proprietary technology went through years of research and development at Northeastern University and is a true disruptor in the wireless charging market. DeepCharge’s intelligent surfaces are designed with charging pads that don’t require coil alignment or technology-specific charging devices.  Because the DeepCharge system is integrated into furniture, any surface can become a device-agnostic charging surface – and it works with any device that has a rechargeable battery.  It’s also the only fully programmable, AI-enabled, and reconfigurable system on the market today. At the heart of the technology is the DeepCharge Energy Tile, the first and only programmable wireless charging technology available on the market.

Focused on the enterprise market, the company understands the impact their charging technology has on employee productivity, downtime, and operational costs.  By establishing seamless charging in the enterprise, companies can now enable their employees to consistently charge their devices on demand.  This may not seem like a big cost to businesses, however, recent studies have shown that employee downtime has a significant effect on the bottom-line.

Employee productivity is not about wages or salaries, it is about how much can be accomplished in a given amount of time.  That has a direct impact on almost every aspect of an organization.  Higher levels of employee productivity enable increased profitability, optimize resources, reduce operational costs, reduce both the employee and employer carbon footprints, improve competition, and more.  It also makes for happier employees who can build a stronger allegiance to an organization.  Directly put, it impacts employee happiness which, in turn, impacts employee retention.

Productivity comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can be impacted by anything from the computer or laptop you use each day to the desk you work at.  Obviously, technology plays a big role, but the real key is to understand how to become more efficient at what you do, while encouraging the creative process.  The right spaces, the right tools, and the right training can make a significant difference.

Creativity and technology also go together.  In fact, because of the sophistication built into the DeepCharge technology, it can be applied to an almost limitless amount of use cases, both in the private or public sectors.  Because it can charge everything from electronics to drones to power tools, it’s impact will be felt across the board.

At the end of the day, “our solution provides a simple, drop and go option, without needing to carry multiple types and numbers of chargers to charge devices daily,” says Naderi.  “We dramatically simplify the wireless charging experience.”