The Value of a Collision Report in a Car Accident Lawsuit

car accident with firetruck

Most people think of an automobile’s accident history when they hear the words “collision report.” While these reports are used to help buyers make educated decisions, they also hold a lot of value in ongoing car accident cases. As it turns out, you may need to rely on one someday. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Collision Report?

When law enforcement arrives on the scene of an accident, the investigating officer begins filling out a collision report. It includes:

  • Where the incident took place
  • The names of individuals involved
  • Their contact and insurance information
  • Which vehicles were involved
  • Any property damage and personal injuries
  • Summaries of statements taken
  • Witnesses interviewed
  • Possible camera footage
  • Measurements of debris and skidmarks
  • And other information to pertaining to the accident

These reports are used to gain a better understanding of how an accident took place and what the results of that accident were. This can then be used in court to determine fault, or who will have to pay for damages and injuries. 

Obtaining a Report

What if the report is missing vital details, though? Officers might make their own judgements at the scene, causing them to be biased about statements or fail to record important pieces of information that can accurately determine fault. While it might not be something anyone would want too believe could happen, it does happen more often than you think. 

You will need to complete and sign a request form to obtain your report, which requires you to fill out key information about the accident. There might be a fee you have to pay as well. In doing so, you can verify if there are important details missing that might incorrectly place you at fault for the accident.

Seeking Help

If you’ve found yourself in this scenario, your collision report can be the holy grail of determining your right to seek compensation. You’ll need to speak with skilled legal representation like this auto accident injury lawyer Bay Area to build your case and get the process started.

If there is inaccurate information on the report, this can be used in court to show your innocence in the cause of the accident as well as what you have the right to seek compensation for. Wrong information can also be used to make the investigating officer walk back their statement of determination that would have put you at fault in court. 

These are just a few ways that a collision report can be highly beneficial to you during a car accident case. Speak with a legal expert about how that report specifically impacts your case and what you can do about misinformation on that document. 

The law is never perfect, but that’s what attorneys are for. Never settle for a hefty bill or legal ramifications when you know you were not the cause of an auto accident. Fight for what’s right and set the record straight.