Kellyanne Conway Annihilates WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz For Messaging Her Teenage Daughter

While the liberal media has had four-plus years to examine and trash every aspect of former senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s life, she is finally getting the chance to return the favor.

Not one to scare easily, Conway recently made an appearance on “The View” to promote her new book, “Here’s the Deal.”

Conway surgically took apart the Washington Post’s online gossipmonger, Taylor Lorenz, who Conway described as being “obsessed” with Conway’s then 15-year old daughter Claudia.

In the past, Lorenz tried to contact Conway’s daughter about TikTok videos she had posted about family issues.

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The History of Events

Kellyanne Conway gave a brief history of the current events. Claudia Conway did what all teenagers do: she rebelled. This was all pretty common until Taylor Lorenz arrived.

“Claudia was doing what a lot of teenagers do: pushing back on authority, mom and dad, posting TikToks and getting on Twitter, etc. What I don’t appreciate, and will never forgive or forget, are a bunch of adults direct messaging my 15-year-old daughter without even trying to reach easy-to-reach parents. It’s outrageous. You can’t have a 15-year-old and your audience without a parent. She can’t get her ears pierced, go to an R-rated movie, drive, vote…”

As Conway tells the story and how she felt about it, cohost Joy Behar can be heard tsk-tsking and saying, “That’s terrible.”

Behar had an interesting reaction, as that’s exactly what she would want to encourage. Bullies are known to be apathetic.

Conway replied to Behar’s reaction,

“It’s terrible, it’s unforgivable, Joy. And it was certainly started with this Peter Pan Taylor Lorenz at the New York Times, but she wasn’t alone. I’ve seen the direct messages, people just contacting my daughter. Your children would not be contacted by me. By the way, are we supposed to feel better if it were a 35-year-old man contacting Claudia at 1 a.m. and promise her fame, fortune, attention?” 

The Peter Pan reference seems to refer to Lorenz’s job being “reporting” on children’s social media trends, while being single and childless in her 40’s.


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‘The View’ Just The First Stop For Conway

Kellyanne Conway wasn’t done with Taylor Lorenz yet. As she makes the rounds promoting her new book, Conway was a guest on the “Ruthless” podcast with host Josh Holmes.

Conway dug at Lorenz once more, “Take a look at this Taylor Lorenz character, crying on MSNBC. She’s a 38-year-old Peter Pan.” Holmes replied, “Allegedly, she may be older than that.”

“Alleged. Effectively, she went to boarding faculty in Switzerland… she’s bought skinny pores and skin and blue blood from Greenwich, Connecticut and her beat is by some means to speak about influencers, however she tries to break different children’ lives after which cries like a child on TV the place you are saying, ‘Oh, they’re doxxing me.’ These narcissistic tendencies. It is not the job of media to tell the story. It is to not get the president or get the staffer or get the staffer’s family.” 

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The Book by Conway

Kelleyanne Conway is a veteran of the conservative movement. For many years she was a Republican pollster and originally supported Ted Cruz, Texas senator.

In the book, She talks about going to work for Donald Trump’s campaign, eventually going on to become his campaign manager, and ultimately becoming the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign, a fact largely ignored by the “champions of women” in the media.

Conway has also been very open about her family life, including the marriage she had with George Conway. George is an anti-Trumper who was a fervent skeptic. George Conway, co-founder and leader of The Lincoln Project (an anti-Trump group).

Taylor Lorenz is childless and may not understand the extent to which a mother would go to defend and protect her children. And she may have definitely not heard the last from Kellyanne Conway who summed up her feelings about Lorenz’s actions by saying, “I will not forget, and I will not forgive.”

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